A discovery about CBD by chance

COVID-19 has caused a real tidal wave on a planetary scale. Practically no country has escaped it and besides the economic disaster it has caused, it is also a health disaster.

More and more studies are being done on COVID-19 and the impact that all sorts of substances could have and among them are more and more studies on the effects of the consumption of Cannabis, and more specifically CBD, on the virus.

Researchers have found that CBD increases the antiviral response of our system.

Cells in the lungs and digestive tract have the ability to activate innate immune responses when they detect the presence of a virus, this reaction is triggered long before the immune system intervenes, it is our first line of defense and is essential in the fight against the disease.

In the case of COVID-19, this first line of defense does not play its role and the virus crosses the enemy lines unhindered, resulting in a high infection rate.

If these cells in the lungs and in our digestive system have not yet come into contact with the virus, the consumption of CBD improves the action of these cells which regain their immune capacity on COVD-19 as well. Researchers realized this in a study conducted on people with a rare form of epilepsy who were treated with a CBD-containing medication.

These people were seen to decrease their chance of contracting the COVID virus.

Study of the effect of CBD on COVID-19

The study was then extended to healthy patients who regularly consume CBD and the same conclusions were made, again the rate of infections was lower than in people who do not consume CBD.

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