Thanks to its calming and anti-inflammatory benefits, cannabidiol, better known as CBD, comes in different forms.

It can be found in body lotions. According to numerous studies, the compound derived from cannabis (which is not THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis) could help relieve pain and promote relaxation.

More and more American hotels are taking advantage of this windfall and using CBD-based cosmetic products on behalf of their customers.

Balms and oils.

Spas use CBD products such as oils and lotions in their list of treatments. Applying these products to the skin has a warming effect that relieves stiff joints and muscle tension.

You can also book a CBD Regeneration massage, often done using a mixture of CBD oil and exfoliating scrubs.

For those who prefer hydrotherapy, we offer baths in which CBD oils are infused.

CBD Edible

Some hotel establishments offer a variety of products to enjoy such as apple-flavored CBD gummies, passion fruit, and many other flavors. A way to combine relaxation and well-being with the pleasure of the mouth.

You can also find other uses of CBD such as serving you a coffee with a few drops of CBD oil or an infusion enhanced by CBD flowers, and a relaxing cup before sleeping.

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