Headaches are a common symptom of many medical ailments.  

Sometimes headaches may just be annoying and sometimes they may be seriously painful. Whenever headaches last too long or are too strong, it is believed that they are caused by migraine.

As a matter of fact, most people who suffer from migraine headaches will refer to their headache as a “migraine”, simply put.

Migraine is a chronic condition.  The most common treatment for migraine is often prescription drugs which must be prescribed by doctors since they are stronger than OTC medications. Typically called painkillers, they hardly live up to their name.  Patients often find themselves needing to increase the dosage due to the eventual ineffectiveness of these drugs.

In addition, prescription drugs can cause terrible side effects. Side effects such as drowsiness, sleepiness, reduced appetite and more.  Often they also end up being impossible to acquire or costing a fortune because medical insurers often fail to recognize these pains as real or legitimate. 

This is where CBD comes in. CBD, cannabidiol, is a derivative of the cannabis plant.  It is one of two key elements in the cannabis plant, along with THC.  However, unlike THC, it will not make you “high” since it is not psychoactive.

CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid systems in the body.  It is not well known how these systems work but by interacting with the body’s cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), CBD can affect the body’s immune system.  

An example of such an interaction is the way the body metabolizes anandamide, a compound connected to pain regulation. CBD may inhibit this interaction thus reducing feelings of pain.

CBD is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.  Inflammation in the body can also cause pain and its reduction, by the use of CBD, can help alleviate inflammatory pain and other symptoms triggered by the immune system.  With all the research that has been done until today, more research is needed to begin to fully understand how CBD works and how it interacts with different processes in the body thus affecting a person’s overall health; and more specifically, how it affects the body’s pain regulation systems. 

What are the best CBD products for migraine sufferers?

The best CBD for migraine sufferers are broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD because of the entourage effect.  The entourage effect is the beneficial effect that is felt from the interaction between CBD and the other cannabis plant extracts it is “surrounded” by.  These components interact with each other to deliver the best results you can expect from your CBD.  Full spectrum CBD is the least refined form of CBD so you get the maximum benefit of all the compounds working together. Full spectrum CBD can contain up to 0.2% THC, which is very little, and will not have any psychotropic effect.  Broad spectrum CBD is pretty much the same as the full spectrum but is refined to contain only trace amounts of THC and can be more suitable for children as a result, although the effect may be slightly reduced.

At Snusline we carry Happy Garden CBD, boasting the highest quality CBD products suitable to treat migraine pain and help you improve your quality of life.

CBD Gummies and CBD oil can both be used to treat migraine pain. CBD gummies are flavorful and fun to eat and can safely be taken many times a day.  This, along with the fact that they need to first be digested before reaching your bloodstream, will result in a longer lasting CBD experience compared to CBD oil.  The extended effect of CBD candy over time can be an advantage to treating migraines since they can often last many hours and even days.

CBD oil is administered using a dropper under the tongue.  This area is rich in blood vessels and is ready to absorb the CBD into your bloodstream fairly quickly, a clear advantage when you need to treat an escalating migraine.  You can chose to alternate between these two CBD products depending on your need and preference.  The choice is yours.



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