Pain Relief

Many people around the world suffer from chronic pain every single day of their lives.  Unfortunately, living with pain becomes their new reality.  Sometimes the pain is so constant that they unfortunately no longer believe it will ever change and they will ever feel pain free and normal again.  

Chronic pain disconnects people from themselves because they cannot perform many of the tasks or any of the activities they once were able to accomplish and once enjoyed.  Essentially, people who live with chronic pain feel disconnected from life and from their family and friends since their days often revolve around treating their pain or suffering in silence.  

Sadly the person they once were and the life they once enjoyed becomes a thing of the past.  They become a new person and feel no connection to the life they once lived.

Until recently, pain management has only been possible through prescription drugs, medical cannabis and alternative therapies with each of these alternative solutions presenting a variety of challenges:

Prescription Drugs:  The most common treatment for chronic pain.  Must be prescribed by doctors for medications that contain stronger drugs  than OTC medications. Typically called painkillers, they hardly live up to their name.  Patients often find themselves needing to increase the dosage due to the eventual ineffectiveness of these drugs.

In addition, prescription drugs can cause terrible side effects. Side effects such as drowsiness, sleepiness, reduced appetite and more.  Often they also end up being impossible to acquire or costing a fortune because medical insurers often fail to recognize these pains as real or legitimate. 

Medical cannabis:  This treatment is not easily accessible and usually approved only after years of suffering and unsuccessful treatments, though some patients feel it helps.  In addition, there are side effects to its usage and it’s not always suitable for all medical ailments. Also, medical cannabis is smoked and releases THC into the bloodstream, a psychoactive ingredient that can create states of altered consciousness and make it very difficult to function normally at home and at work.  

Alternative Therapies:  Some patients prefer alternatives to traditional medical treatment. They use therapies such as mindfulness and acupuncture but often get only partial relief and continue suffering.

Finally, prescription medications and medical cannabis can both lead to addiction.

Although this all rings as hopeless and is barely considered pain management in the real sense of the term, there does exist a way to help people who suffer from chronic pain and enable them to live a better quality of life and a happier life, with less pain.

A balanced life, in which the problems and pains may not disappear completely, but may be lived in a much better manner. 

For a few hours each day,  life can go back to normal and to  what it once was. 

Anyone who has done their research, consulted with doctors and other knowledgeable people on the matter, may discover that there is an innovative and natural option to overcome pain.

A new technology that allows to isolate the benefits of cannabis, without any of its shortcomings. 

A possibility to take the best ingredient in cannabis and use it for all of its wonderful properties, including pain management, smoke-free and without the need for a prescription. 

This substance is none other than CBD.

CBD, cannabidiol, is a derivative of the cannabis plant.  It is one of two key elements in the cannabis plant, along with THC.  However, unlike THC, it will not make you “high” since it is not psychoactive.

CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid systems in the body.  It is not well known how these systems work but by interacting with the body’s cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), CBD can affect the body’s immune system.  

An example of such an interaction is the way the body metabolizes anandamide, a compound connected to pain regulation. CBD may inhibit this interaction thus reducing feelings of pain.  CBD is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.  Inflammation in the body can also cause pain and its reduction, by the use of CBD, can help alleviate inflammatory pain and other symptoms triggered by the immune system.

At Snusline we carry Happy Garden CBD, boasting the highest quality CBD products suitable to treat chronic pain and help you improve your quality of life.

CBD Gummies and CBD oil can both be used to alleviate pain. CBD gummies are flavorful and fun to eat and can safely be taken many times a day.  This, along with the fact that they need to first be digested before reaching your bloodstream, will result in a longer lasting CBD experience compared to CBD oil.  The extended effect of CBD candy over time can be an advantage to treating chronic pain.

CBD oil is administered using a dropper under the tongue.  This area is rich in blood vessels and is ready to absorb the CBD into your bloodstream fairly quickly, an advantage You can chose to alternate between these two CBD products depending on your need and preference.  The choice is yours.

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