Lyft and Now Velo are very popular Nicotines Pouches Brands especially with the Lyft Freeze X- Strong that become the Velo Freeze X-Strong

It’s safe to say that these products are considered as “reduced-risk” products. Products that keep you from harms way in the sense that you get your nicotine hit but you don’t inhale the cigarette smoke which is most detrimental.  These products are considered alternative tobacco and nicotine products, they permit the consumer to enjoy the intake of nicotine all while reducing the risk of damage to his health. There has been a strong surge of development and commercialization concerning these types of products; unlike the traditional snus which was streamed in the 18th century, all white pouches as well as nicotine pouches are more of the recent decades. 

All of this to say that, in this area of “reduced-risk” products … alternative tobacco and/or nicotine products we want to give you some content about some products in particular, these being EPOK, LYFT and VELO.

First and foremost it is important to know a little about the who concerning these products, their manufacturer is British American Tobacco (BAT). This company has been around since 1902 initially manufacturing and selling cigarettes and later other tobacco and nicotine products. BAT’s headquarters are in London, UK and is considered one of the largest manufacturers of tobacco products in the world.

The Snus a more healthy product

They started dabbing into the snus market in 2005 and quickly understood that getting into this market would be quite beneficial. “Creating a better tomorrow” they called it, addressing this slogan to the tobacco/nicotine consumer who is looking to use a “healthier”, “reduced-risk”, product.

After many ventures in the snus market, in 2017 when BAT bought Winnington AB they added EPOK to their repertoire. EPOK was reputed as a “healthier” snus, it was called a ALL-WHITE snus.

And Snus become Nicotine Pouches

This type of snus is a particular blend of natural fibers and tobacco making the pouch completely white and resulting in a low drip product. The technology behind the manufacturing of this ALL-WHITE pouch was very precise and researched so that they could provide a “high-quality healthy snus “ to snus consumers. That being said EPOK was very well received by snusers and was one of the favorite of its kind for as long as it lasted. Later on, EPOK was no longer being manufactured and was replaced by LYFT. This product is considered as nicotine pouches by definition, it contains no tobacco made out of natural fibers and of derived or synthetic nicotine. LYFT is a very successful nicotine product, it is the go-to product when looking for nicotine pouches. The consumer is provided with an array of flavors and strengths. It is the perfect replacement for EPOK and maybe an even better version. You may ask yourself by now, have they changed the product now that LYFT has been replaced by VELO ? What the deal with that ? Well it is quite simple actually, LYFT and VELO were simultaneously introduced to the market, however, LYFT to the European market and VELO to the US market. Seeing that both brands had an ample effect in both markets, BAT was brought to the decision of making a global brand and picking one of the brand names to represent both.

So much for keeping things simple ! There are constant changes in this industry, things are always shifting and products are always being introduced. This article about theses products in a small testimony of this but one thing is for sure all these changes and shifts are done for the utmost satisfaction of the consumer.

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