Snus is becoming more and more popular. It is discrete to use, there are many flavors and it is not expensive at all.

It has also become very popular among celebs, like athletes, movie stars, social media personalities…

If you have not paid attention to the fact that snus is being used widely among celebs, continue to read and you might be very surprised when finding out that some of your favorite celebs are totally into snus.

So let’s start with sports stars:

It’s quite common amongst professional hockey players, especially Scandinavian ones. 

Like Erik Karlsson of the San Jose Sharks in the NHL.

Then there is Finnish footballer Teemu Pukki and former F1 world champion Kimi Raikonnen.

Newcastle defender Jamaal Lascelles and Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are two Premier League footballers who follow social media accounts where snus can be sourced.

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof posted a picture of the substance on his Instagram account in 2016. Ashley Cole has been snapped using snus. Southampton player Danny Higginbotham found using snus is relaxing. Famous Swedish soccer player Henrik Larsson uses snus.

Famous English soccer star Jamie Vardy was seen holding a can of Thunder Ultra during Euro 2016.

Since Scandinavian footballers started playing in the premier league, the sales of snus suddenly accelerated.

Music and movie stars:

Tim Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii loved snus and used to take 10 boxes of it with him when he went on tour! Ashton Kutcher has been seen buying snus in Europe, David Grohl from Foo Fighters uses snus, as well as rock star Slash –  lead guitarist of the iconic 90s rock band Guns N’ Roses. Brad Pitt uses snus in order to quit smoking.

Other famous people that use snus:

Former United States Secretary of State Colin Powell, King of Sweden Carl Gustaf, Ingvar Kamprad –  founder of IKEA…

Some headlines regarding snus and celebs:

  • Ashley Cole uses controversial smokeless tobacco snus before L.A. workout session.
  • Guitar hero Slash: Snus ‘the best discovery in the world’.
  • What is ‘snus’ and why are so many Premier League footballers using it?
  • Soccer Stars Love Snus.

As you can see, snus is widespread among many industries and is being used all over the world, even by celebs. This was just a short list with some famous people using snus, there are many more of course.

Celebs are using snus in order to quit smoking, to relax or just to try out different nicotine/tobacco products.

The problem is that many do not want to come out publicly with it, either because of privacy reasons or because of fear of reputation damage. There shouldn’t be an issue with using snus in public or coming out with it publicly. It is definitely something we’ll witness more often in the future, because it just became so popular in recent years and people do understand that snus is a much healthier alternative to cigarettes.

In the end celebs are just like regular people and want to enjoy life. Whether you’re a famous person or not, snus is something that can be enjoyable for you. If you’re an athlete, your performance will not at all suffer from using snus. 

Do you know about other famous that use snus or nicotine pouches ? Write a review or comment, our snusline writer will be happy about it.

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