Nicotine and Addiction

It seems that nicotine addiction does not happen to everyone who’s ever tried it and that not all people actually use nicotine because they are addicted to it and cannot stop.  

There is actually another component to the use of nicotine which has nothing to do with addiction. 

In today’s world, where nicotine is not only available through smoking cigarettes, what is enticing people to use nicotine, if it’s not to quit smoking or if they don’t have an addiction to nicotine to begin with? 

And, why are an increasing amount of people switching to nicotine pouches or using it as a gateway to nicotine use?

Let’s explore this topic together to gain a better understanding so as to make the best decisions regarding nicotine use.

What is nicotine and how does it affect us?

One of the reasons the medical world gives for nicotine addiction is that the use of nicotine creates nicotine receptors in the brain.  Once these nicotine receptors are present, the need for nicotine and cravings are triggered.  

So essentially, if you’ve never touched a nicotine product, nicotine addiction is not something you need to worry about.

What this also means is that if you’ve ever used nicotine, even once, then you’ve set yourself up to be addicted to nicotine, or have you?

There is tons of material out there, mostly medical articles by government bodies, that emphasize the importance of building and maintaining a healthy body.  Many of these articles discuss nicotine and its effect on body health, be it mental and/or physical.

Health Awareness

The 21st century has brought about an awareness about health related topics as never before, due to previously unseen developments and technological advancements in the medical field. The human race has indeed made leaps and bounds when it comes to the understanding of the human body, how it functions and what we can do to keep it healthy and preserve ourselves from illness, as best we can.  Of course, one thing that has changed drastically is the importance that is given to the human psyche and the important role it plays on our physical health; and how the two are essentially intertwined and depend on each other in achieving overall health.  

Actually, there is an expression that puts this idea quite simply: 

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”

This can actually mean several things:

  • You need a healthy mind in order to have a healthy body
  • You need a healthy body in order to have a healthy mind
  • You need to work on having a healthy mind and a healthy body, distinctively.

The first statement explains the importance of taking care of your mental health so that your thoughts and feelings have a positive effect on your body.  You can achieve this by practicing techniques and strategies such as:

The second statement implies that you need to make your body healthy and your mental health will thrive.  Strategies that support this view are:

  • NutritionHealthy eating habits can greatly affect the intake of vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal organ systems function including your brain, and hormonal glands that regulate mood and fatigue, for example.
  • Exercise – We all know exercise is key to getting your body strong and healthy and maintaining overall health.  It is also a great stress reducer and can help relieve stress-induced anxiety.  

The third statement implies that being healthy requires both: a healthy mind and a healthy body; one cannot exist without the other – because eventually one affects the other, either  positively or negatively.


Why Do People Use Nicotine?

If we now go back to our topic, which is the effect of nicotine on our bodies, there are many people who claim that they have been smoking for years but not because they are addicted but simply because they enjoy it and have created associations between smoking and certain activities, like taking a break, socializing, keeping their hands busy and other non-related reasons.  As Jason Hamilton quoted on Quora:  

I used to wonder how often someone would have to smoke to get addicted to cigarettes. I smoked a few times when I was younger, but found it more interesting than getting any sort of pleasure out of it….”

Or as someone else called it:  being “…a chipper.  My friends vaped and smoke[d].  And are addicted. However once I started to smoke with them, I never felt the urge to keep smoking….I truly am the definition of a social smoker.”

And there are many more examples of people who never felt the addiction to cigarettes but enjoyed it in a social setting or other.  

With the many limitations regarding smoking/vaping and the awareness of cigarettes’ detrimental effect on health, smokeless products such as snus and nicotine pouches have in many ways replaced cigarette smoking and vaping and are a better means to nicotine satisfaction

Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches have become increasingly popular, even amongst non-smokers and people who have never smoked, and are not looking to break a smoking habit or an addiction to nicotine.  

The reason for this is quite simple:  

Some people actually enjoy the effects of nicotine and want to enjoy the delicious flavors available in the nicotine pouch repertoire without the negative effects and limitations of vaping or smokeless tobacco products, like staining. 

Nicotine Pouches vs Other Forms of Smokeless Nicotine Products

Many nicotine pouch users feel they get the best of both worlds with nicotine pouches:  a wide array of delicious flavors and discretion without drip, staining or fullness in the upper lip, like they could possibly experience with snus and other smokeless tobacco products, and without the possible respiratory symptoms and limited places of use available to vapers.  

Ease of Use

Nicotine pouches are not only convenient in many ways and taste amazing; they also are extremely easy to use and do not require any special equipment. 

Light to Extremely Strong

Nicotine pouches can be as strong as they can get or as light as needed.  The choice of product widely depends on the purpose of use and personal nicotine tolerance. 

For example, heavy smokers may need very strong products like Pablo, Killa, Dope, Siberia  and other brands that have some stronger varieties such as Velo and Skruf; while beginners may want a lighter effect without compromising great taste.  Some light brands include ZYN and some varieties of Lyft and Velo.

It’s a Wrap

Now that you know, give it a go!…and ENJOY your nicotine pouches, guilt-free

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