A snus sportsguide by Snusline.

A common question regarding snus is: Does snus affect someone’s physical performance?

Snus has no clear effect on sport’s results, not in a positive and not in a negative way.

It does contain nicotine, which is known to have a positive effect on the  athletes’ concentration and it makes anxiety go away. So the athlete can focus and perform better. It helps him to get a sense of winning, to keep the pleasure within sports so it’s mainly a mental uplifter.

It’s for sure not improving your physical performance, but it does help you to relax better and as said before it makes you focus better and concentrate on your goal – which is winning.

There is no need to ban nicotine from sports competitions.

Snus can not be used during a game because of choking danger, but after the game it can help the athlete to relax.

If you’ve ever wondered if nicotine (so also nicotine pouches – which are tobacco free snus portions) is banned at the olympic games, you may be surprised that it’s not banned by WADA!

In fact, a high number of olympic athletes are using nicotine products.

There are many soccer players in the premier league who are using snus. This is thanks to the influx of Scandinavian soccer players in the premier league.

You can find a list of soccer players who are using snus at our article ‘famous snus users’.

Snus is very widespread in the world of sports such as soccer, tennis, rugby, baseball, swimming, basketball, hockey and many more.

It started with Scandinavian athletes, and spread to the rest of them. 

Their sports clubs sometimes are a little bit skeptical about snus consumption, but very quickly understand that there is no harm in using snus and that there are no issues with doping etc.

The athlete is relaxing after the game with a portion under his upper lip, gets his nicotine rush and the sports clubs are happy the athlete is not getting drunk or using drugs. The next match he is ready to compete on a high level, after using snus.

Snus has existed for centuries in Scandinavia, first as a loose powder, then as portions.

Scandinavians are used to iit and it is part of many adults’ lives.

Whether you’re an athlete or a businessman, it’s no big deal in Scandinavia and part of their rich heritage and culture.

In short, many athletes use snus and their clubs let them do so because they realize that it is a far better alternative than smoking or drinking.

If it has been used for centuries in Scandinavia, there must be something to it. There are many great Scandinavian athletes and many are affiliated with snus. 

Even WADA has not forbidden it for use at the olympic games, so athletes have no problem using snus at the time of the olympic games, of course not on the field but certainly before or after competition.

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