Nicotine pouches are a relatively new player in the smokeless tobacco world.  The beginnings of smokeless tobacco differs depending on the continent and culture.  For Swedes, smokeless tobacco took the form of Snus, cured and dried tobacco leaves to which flavourings such as salt, floral elements and salts were added. The mixture was then ground to create a thick mud like mixture.  In its infancy, snus only existed in loose form; ready-to-use portions are a thing of the modern area that developed with industrialization and machine processes.  Loose snus was therefore formed by hand into a “prilla” and placed between the upper lip and gums to release its flavours and tobacco.

Much has changed since those times although, for those who prefer the traditional taste of snus and the traditional loose format, there are many products on the market that are readily available such as Odens Original Loose Snus, General Classic Loose Snus, Ettan Loose Strong Swedish Snus, Kronan Original Loose Snus, Granit Original Loose Snus and more …

Snus in Modern Times

The industrial revolution brought with it the possibility to create ready-to-use snus portions. Original portions were and still are filled with snus that would normally be found in loose form.  So “why the portion?” you ask.  Well, for starters, modern times also brought with them the possibility to look and feel cleaner and polished.  

Back in the 17th century, when snus was invented,  bathing was done in public bathhouses and water was not readily available as it is today in personal homes through faucets. Perfume was also invented to cover up unsightly body odour since bathing was so rare. You can imagine that oral hygiene was also inexistant and therefore, loose snus was not seen as something unsightly and disgusting.  

Today, however, someone walking around with loose snus under their upper lip might look like a 17th century sailor, especially that snus is moist and can drip between teeth. 

Benefits of the Snus Portion

Discretion:  Snus portions give modern snus users the opportunity for discretion since the snus is nicely packed into a soft comfortable material-like paper pouch that holds the snus in its place.  With smoking being banned in practically all public places, smokeless tobacco has become increasingly popular partially due to its discretion, amongst other reasons that we describe and develop in other articles.   Since snus portions are a smokeless form of tobacco consumption, they can be used anywhere from class to work, on aeroplanes and even in restaurants, without anyone being any the wiser.

Convenience: Discarding a portion when you’re done with it is also a cleaner and more effective manner to get rid of all the snus in your mouth without any leftover particles. In addition, ready-made portions that are already weighed out and available to pop under the lip offer ease and practicality, not to mention keeping your fingers and nails clean.  

Loose vs Portion

If you had to compare between a portion snus and a loose snus that has identical strength and flavour, you would probably describe the portion snus flavour as more subdued and less bold. Both the flavour and nicotine would probably also not come through as fast as they would with loose snus. 

Still, some people may prefer loose snus to portion snus since it just feels more authentic and there is definitely a psychological component to using loose snus.  Loose snus also feels more up close and personal and for tobacco lovers, that’s often a must.   The taste is much bolder and deeper as compared to portion snus, since the tobacco is literally felt. 

In recent years, Swedish Match introduced a revolutionary product called ONE inspired by General Snus, a portion snus sporting a visibly thinner portion material that gets you as close to the tobacco as ever before. The result is a powerful taste experience snus users can only get until then with loose snus. The One line from Swedish Match essentially gives you more of everything: more tobacco, more taste, more nicotine.  

Nicotine Pouches: Why?

Now that you’ve got a pretty good idea about some of the similarities and differences between snus portions and loose snus, you’re ready to take it up a notch and discover the world of nicotine pouches.

Remember the benefits of the snus portion over loose snus?  Well, the same applies to nicotine pouches.  They are also conveniently packed into soft and comfortable material-like pouches that hold the contents in its place, and are weighed out and available to pop under the lip thereby offering ease and practicality.  In addition, they are also a form of smokeless nicotine consumption, although they are 100% tobacco free and can also be consumed anywhere and anytime with 100% discretion.  

Nicotine pouches do however offer added advantages to traditional snus portions.  For one, they won’t stain your teeth!  Seeing as they are completely free of any tobacco and contain only all white ingredients, including pharmaceutical grade nicotine salt, like ZYN nicotine pouches or plant derived nicotine that is taken directly from the tobacco plant.

A Wide Variety of Delicious Flavours 

Tobacco lovers may disagree but on top of staining teeth, tobacco contributes to bad breath and can leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Nicotine pouches, on the other hand, are delicious and come in a ton of juicy fruity flavours, minty fresh flavours, ice cream flavours and so much more…  

An Extra Measure of Discretion

Nicotine pouches, also referred to as nicopods, offer an extra measure of discretion since they are practically all slim portions and fit quite comfortably under the lip without creating a bulge.  

Wider Strength Variety

Nicotine pouches can also harbour quite large concentrations of nicotine without it affecting portion size since the ingredients they are stuffed with don’t take up as much volume as tobacco would.  

Although you may think some nicotine pouches contain sugar because they really taste sweet enough to be candy, they are actually completely sugar free and are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. 


Since they contain no tobacco, a perishable plant product, nicotine pouches have a longer shelf life and will stay fresh longer than tobacco snus.  

They also won’t drip and grant you a longer lasting experience since their ingredients hold a lot less moisture and are packed into white portions that contribute to a gradual and effective release of flavours and nicotine. 

Finally, similarly to snus portions, nicotine pouches are ready-to-use and can easily be popped under the lip and discarded in an easy and clean manner.

Now you know why many snus users are switching to nicotine pouches. At Snusline we love reviews and comments so feel free to leave yours.

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