The Fox’s New Clothes

Nicotine pouches came on strong into the snus market around 2018 as an alternative to snus, and of course, as another smokeless product and an alternative to smoking.  Since then, hundreds of nicotine pouch brands and varieties have appeared on the market as a tobacco-free alternative to snus and in an attempt to attract market share in areas where the sale of tobacco-based products is prohibited.  

Nicotine Pouches vs. Snus

Nicotine pouches resemble snus in every way except they do not contain tobacco.  An advantage of nicotine pouches over snus is their durability and longer shelf-life due to the absence of tobacco, a perishable product. They are available in an array of flavors, flavor combinations and nicotine strengths.  Since nicotine pouches are tobacco-free, their flavors taste pure and uninhibited by the taste of tobacco, which can happen with snus.  However, for those who love tobacco-centric snus for its aroma and flavor, nicotine pouches are not and cannot be an alternative to snus, simply because they are not snus, even though they can come really close in terms of nicotine strength and satisfaction and even in terms of flavor, as you will later see.  

Many of Sweden’s leading snus manufacturers, such as Swedish Match, Skruf and AG Snus created their own nicotine pouch brands (ZYN, Shiro) to remain competitive and not lose market share to the ever-growing nicotine pouch trend.

The White Fox

One of the most popular nicotine pouch brands on the market is White Fox nicotine pouches, launched two years ago by GN Tobacco.  White fox is known for its beautiful and mesmerizing can design and its shiny hologram effect.  As a manufacturer of high quality snus products, GN Tobacco continues its commitment to quality with the White Fox line of nicotine pouches;  aside from its can’s exterior beauty, White Fox is just as attractive on the inside.  Its nicotine pouch aromas smell fresh, pure and blissful.  When it comes to strength, White Fox packs quite a punch with its 16mg/g of nicotine and, in that respect, can be compared to strong snus. 

White Fox Varieties

Expect an even stronger punch with White Fox Black Edition, the only one in the White Fox line with a robust tobacco flavor, a hint of rose oil and no mint flavor at all.  The nicotine strength of this powerhouse sits at 33 mg/g and will make your head spin!  If you do like a minty nicotine pouch, however, White Fox comes in 4 delicious minty varieties:  All White, Double Mint, Full Charge and Peppered Mint.  All White has a mentholated minty fresh peppermint taste that will leave your breath feeling icy cold and fresh while Double Mint sports a stronger menthol flavor. 

If you prefer a sweeter spearmint flavor that is nonetheless invigorating and minty fresh, Full Charge is the White Fox for you. Although it is advertised at 16 mg/g of nicotine strength, this nicotine pouch really feels like it hits harder than the other 16mg/g varieties. Finally, the Peppered Mint variety sports a hot and spicy black pepper taste and finishes off with a nice cooling and refreshing mint flavor.  All White Fox mint varieties provide a stinging sensation on contact and a cooling presence under the upper lip that can be felt throughout.

White Fox Soft Packs

And if all that weren’t enough, White Fox has further improved its package design and now offers soft packs in addition to its cool and shiny cans.  These packages sport a design that looks identical to the can design, but in a soft package that looks just as catchy and mesmerizing.  White Fox Soft Packs are essentially resealable zipper storage bags that are comfortable to use and fit practically anywhere thanks to their flat and flexible new model.  The ingenious zipper design is an innovation in snus and nicotine pouch packaging; it allows you to reseal the bag and extends the minty freshness of your nicotine pouches like never before so you can enjoy all the freshness of a new bag every time you reopen it!  Gone are the days where your pouches would dry out; thanks to White Fox Soft Packs, the signature strong nicotine and mint flavors last much longer. 

An added advantage to soft packs is that they are much less voluminous; you can store them in your fridge or freezer, without them swallowing all of the space, and carry them with you wherever you go.  White Fox Soft Packs are only available in All White and Double Mint flavors, probably because these are the two most popular flavors in the White Fox line. Look out for more soft packs in other varieties and maybe even in other brands.  In the meantime, enjoy the comfortable new packaging design of White Fox and let it accompany you all day. 

How do White Fox rank in the UK?

White Fox nicotine pouches are especially popular in the UK! Get them delivered by Snusline and never look back. 


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