Swedish snus is making waves among tobacco lovers all over the globe. Nicotine pouches, a key player in the snus scene, are gaining popularity for good reasons. They don’t yellow your teeth like traditional tobacco products do, and they come in a huge variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, so there’s something for everyone. Plus, they’re more widely accepted by laws in places like Europe and the USA.

British American Tobacco (BAT), a big name in the business, leads the pack with VELO, one of its top brands. VELO, which used to be called EPOK, is a favorite among those who prefer smokeless tobacco products. This brand has seen quite a few changes from the late 2010s to the early 2020s. Let’s take a closer look at its journey and see what’s made it stand out at different times.

What’s the Secret Behind EPOK’s Success?

EPOK snus really shook things up in the world of tobacco-free snus, and it quickly became a hit. Here’s why people loved it so much:

First off, EPOK made the snus experience last way longer than what people were used to. This meant you could enjoy the taste and the nicotine buzz for more time without needing a new pouch.

Then, there was way less mess. Traditional snus can sometimes get a bit drippy, but EPOK cut down on that, making it a cleaner, hassle-free choice.

One of the biggest wins was that EPOK didn’t stain your teeth or leave you with bad breath, which are common complaints with regular tobacco products. So, you could enjoy EPOK without worrying about those downsides.

And the flavors – EPOK came out with some really cool and different tastes that you couldn’t find anywhere else. This was a big deal because it gave people exciting new options to try.

Velo New Name New Packaging Same Taste

In the dynamic world of brands, change is the only constant. This rings true for Velo, which has embarked on a transformative journey with its latest rebranding. Much like Philip Morris evolving into Altria and Brad’s Drink into Pepsi-Cola, Velo is no stranger to reinvention, having transitioned from LYFT before 2022. Rebranding, often perceived as a mere change of visuals, holds deeper significance. It’s a strategic move aimed at reaching new audiences, adhering to regulations, entering new markets, or simply refreshing an outdated image.

For Velo, the essence of this rebrand lies in achieving global uniformity. Gone are the days of varied names and packaging across borders. This unified approach not only simplifies the brand’s identity worldwide but also paves the way for a sleek, modern aesthetic. Rest assured, while Velo’s name and packaging may have evolved, the beloved taste that fans have come to cherish remains untouched, continuing to deliver the same quality experience.

What will happen to my favorite Velo?

Here’s a handy chart detailing all VELO offerings’ updated and former names. When you’re ready to buy your next VELO nicotine pouch, it’s a good idea to save the link to your preferred new VELO product for easy reference.

Old NameNew NameNicotine Strength (mg/g)Flavor
VELO Ice cool SlimVELO Crispy Peppermint 14 Mint
Velo Freeze X-StrongVELO Mighty Peppermint15.6Peppermint
VELO MintVELO Witty Spearmint8Mint
VELO RubyVELO Blushy Berry 8Strawberry
VELO LiquoriceVELO Lofty Liquorice 14Licorice
VELO Carribean SpiritVELO Twisted Pineapple 14Pineapple
VELO Easy Mint miniVELO Spiffy Spearmint mini8Mint
VELO Ice Cool miniVELO Crispy Peppermint mini14Mint
VELO Royal Purple StrongVELO Groovy Grape14Grape
VELO Fresh JalapeñoVELO Lime Flame14
Jalapeño and Lime
VELO Freeze UltraVELO Mighty peppermint Ultra20Mint
VELO Freeze MAXVELO Mighty peppermint Max24Mint
VELO EucalyptusVELO Zingy Eucalyptus 16Eucalyptus
VELO Cool StormVELO Peppermint Storm 16Mint
VELO Frosty GrapefruitVELO Arctic Grapefruit14Grapefruit

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