What is an E-Cigarette? 

Well before nicotine pouches entered the market as a nicotine delivery system, e-cigarettes had already become the most commonly used medium for nicotine consumption. 

The original e-cigarette looked like a tobacco cigarette but its appearance has since changed, as has its mechanical and chemical composition.  

E-cigarettes are also called vaping devices since vapor is exhaled, instead of smoke, unlike cigarettes.  

The modern e-cigarette or vape came about as an attempt to create an alternative to smoking cigarettes and as a means to quit smoking.  

How Does Vaping Compare to Smoking?

As we’ve all known for quite some time now, cigarettes are really bad for our health.  The smoke we inhale and the smoke we exhale contains tons of toxic substances, varying from carbon monoxide to tar and cyanide, all of which are potentially cancer-causing or even known carcinogens. 

Vaping on the other hand exposes the user to far less harmful chemicals than smoking. However, research has shown that vaping increases the risk of asthma by 40% and the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a group of diseases that cause restricted air flow to the lungs and a variety of breathing problems, by 50%, compared to not using nicotine at all.

An Introduction to Nicotine Pouches

Snus has been used since the 20th century in some European countries and has its origins in Sweden. Before the modern era and the creation of portion pouches, snus could only be found in loose form, yet industrialization has allowed packing the snus into fabric-like pouches made of natural plant resins for ready-to-use portions. Nicotine Pouches have adopted this technique and therefore can also be referred to as tobacco-free snus.

Why Should I Choose Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches are a smoke free (and vapor free) medium to nicotine use and, contrary to snus, they are completely free of tobacco.  The main advantage that nicotine pouches present is that they do not affect the respiratory system in any way.  This is something very important to consider since one of the most serious adverse health effects of both smoking and vaping is lung disease.

The whole controversy around vape is based on the argument that vape is hazardous to lung health and therefore should not and cannot really be presented and thought of as an alternative to smoking.

As a general rule though, vaping is much safer than smoking. 

The use of nicotine pouches, as opposed to smoking and vaping, does not involve heating nicotine, but simply involves placing the pouch, filled with nicotine and other fillers such as gum base and plant-based cellulose, into your mouth between your lip and gums.  

Nicotine pouches therefore do not negatively affect lung health like vaping can.  If we had to compare, nicotine pouches are probably the safest means to attain nicotine satisfaction that can also be considered recreational, like smoking or vaping.

Just like vaping, nicotine pouches come in a variety of flavors so you don’t have to give up the flavorful experience; and just like vape, they are calorie-free. 

Nicotine pouches also come in different sizes and different strengths depending on your needs and preference.

Another advantage that nicotine pouches have over vape is their ease of use, any time, any place.  They fit so discreetly, no one will even know you’re using them.

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