Snus is probably the only form of smokeless tobacco that is used through the mouth and does not require spitting. So what makes snus different from other forms of oral smokeless tobacco and why doesn’t snus require any spitting?

What is Snus?

In this article, we will explore in more detail what makes snus spit-free and the benefits and potential health risks of using snus as a spit-free alternative to smoking.

Well, for starters, unlike other forms of smokeless tobacco, such as chewing tobacco or snuff, snus is not fermented, meaning it does not sit at room temperature until it matures.  Snus is cured, meaning it is dried and salted: First the tobacco leaves are air or sun dried.  Then, they are mixed with salt, water and flavorings and pasteurized, meaning the tobacco mixture goes through a heating process after which it is ground into a fine, intermediate or coarse powder.

The result of the snus production process is a moist powder tobacco that is typically placed under the upper lip and does not require spitting or chewing, unlike other forms of tobacco. 

This unique characteristic has made it a popular alternative to smoking in many parts of the world. Snus has a rustic, bold tobacco flavor and can be used anywhere anytime.

Snus is a very discrete smokeless tobacco alternative for two reasons:

  1. It does not require any lighting up and does not emit any vapors or smoke. 
  2. It does not require any chewing or spitting.

What Makes Snus Spit-Free?

Snus is spit-free because of the way it is produced: 

The whole process of curing the tobacco leaves and mixing them with water salt and flavorings in order to achieve the moist powder that is snus, is exactly what gives snus the ability to release the moisture in the powder gradually and without inducing a need to spit out the juices.   

This moist texture actually helps to release the flavor and nicotine slowly over time, allowing the user to experience the effects of snus, without the need to spit or chew. 

Additionally, the portion sizes of snus are typically smaller than other types of smokeless tobacco, which also contributes to the spit-free nature of the product since there are less juices produced.

Benefits of Snus as a Spit-Free Alternative to Smoking

Using snus as a spit-free alternative to smoking offers a number of benefits:

  1. There is no risk of secondhand smoke, making it a safer alternative for those around the user. 
  2. There is no need for spitting or chewing, making it a more convenient option in public places. 
  3. Snus is believed to be less harmful than smoking and is used by many as a substitute for cigarettes or other forms of tobacco.

Comparison with Other Smokeless Tobacco Products

Snus is just one of many types of smokeless tobacco products available on the market.

Compared to chewing tobacco, snus is easier to use and does not require spitting. Compared to

snuff, snus is typically moist and does not need to be inhaled through the nose. Snus is also

considered to be less harmful than other types of smokeless tobacco products.

How to Use Snus 

There are two types of snus products: loose snus and portion snus. 

Loose snus

Loose snus is a loose powder that is placed under the lip using a tool or using your fingers.  The amount of snus that is actually placed under the lip is called a “prilla” in Swedish  and means a snus portion.  A snus portion typically weighs about one gram, whether you take it loose or buy ready-to-use pre-packed portions.

Portion snus

Portion snus, on the other hand, comes pre-portioned in small packets that can be placed directly under the lip. To use snus, simply place it under the upper lip, either in the center or off to one side. The user can leave it in for as little as 30 minutes or as long as several hours.  Snus portions can be original, white or white dry.  The white and white dry portion pouches are tightly woven to allow less juices to be released at a slower pace, extending the snus experience beyond what can be expected with an original portion, which most resembles a loose snus in portion format. 


In conclusion, snus is a unique type of smokeless tobacco that is spit-free. It offers a number of

benefits as a spit-free alternative to smoking, including convenience and reduced risk of

secondhand smoke. However, it also carries potential health risks, particularly in regards to oral

health and nicotine dependence.  As with any tobacco product, it is important to be aware of these risks and to use snus responsibly.

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