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If you’re already into snus, you probably already know how snus makes you feel.  But if you are considering using snus, you’ll be happy to hear that using snus will make you feel good. Crazy? Maybe not …  “So how does it work?”, you ask.  Well, snus is made with tobacco, and tobacco has nicotine, a magical substance that does exactly that: makes you feel good. 

Nicotine actually provokes the release of dopamine into the brain.  Dopamine is a “feel-good” or happy hormone.  Many activities, sights, and smells trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, for example, sex, chocolate, a hard drink, watching a good movie, smelling roses….you name it.  One way to provoke the release of dopamine when you can’t have the other stuff is using snus.  To top it off, using snus in public will not get you arrested, like doing some of that other stuff. 

But seriously, snus is so discrete no one will even know you’re using it.  Many footballers use snus on the field to get a nicotine kick and get their adrenaline going without anyone ever noticing (except photographers who sometimes snap a shot of them with their snus can in hand) 

Actually many sportsmen (and women) use snus to give them the added rush they want, especially in extreme sports where the adrenaline rush is so strong. Some athletes even say that snus can increase performance by enhancing reaction time but that’s a subject for another blog. 

So back to our topic, what can you pair with your favorite snus to make it even more enticing and increase your pleasure?

Snus and Beer

Many people enjoy their cigarette, or snus, with a glass of beer.  The two just work well together and the earthy, smoky taste of tobacco complements the bitter, smooth taste of beer.   Most public places no longer allow smoking in their venues.  So if you used to enjoy a cigarette with your beer, you probably miss it.  There is another way to get the great taste of tobacco paired with the beer you love: Snus.  Snus can be used anytime, any place and the best part is that no one needs to know you have it placed under your lip. You can still enjoy pairing your snus with your favorite beer or start doing so, if you are new to this idea.  

Just like food and drink, it’s a matter of personal taste.  The snus and beer you chose to pair are dependent upon what type of beer you enjoy and what snus you enjoy; some are stronger, some lighter, and some flavored.  In short, there are many possible combinations you can try.

Here are two examples of 2 types of beer you can pair with snus:

IPA Beers :  When asked which beer tastes best, the answer would have to be a matter of taste. 

  • West Coast IPA –   If you enjoy the bitter flavor of a West Coast IPA, then pairing it with your snus will only increase the intensity of the flavor.  Your taste buds will enjoy a major flavor party.  Göteborgs Rapé West Coast IPA (Limited Edition) is a WCIPA flavored snus that you can pair with your favorite beer or have on its own.  It adds a strong fruity citrus dimension, more specifically grapefruit, to the mild tobacco taste and mix of floral hints, fresh herbs, and juniper berries.  
  • Hazy IPA – If you prefer a milder tasting IPA, choose an East Coast IPA aka. Hazy/New England IPA for a sweeter tasting malt enhanced by fruity, tropical flavors.    

Not only is the flavor combination between tobacco and a good beer very well recognized but there is also a physiological response to drinking alcohol when taking your snus.  

Why Take Snus with Alcohol?

One of the chemical reactions that occur when coupling drinking and snus are the dual effects of nicotine and alcohol.  At first, the two work together as stimulants.  As mentioned before, nicotine releases the pleasure hormone dopamine, in the brain.  Alcohol has the same effect.  They can both provoke an increase in heart palpitations and blood pressure, and result in a jolt of energy.  

Alcohol and snus taken together can be extremely pleasurable.  However, the depressant effects of alcohol can be felt when drinking even more alcohol.   That’s when the sedative effects of alcohol set in and cause a feeling of calm and relaxation.   

Counteracting the Adverse Effects of Alcohol 

Another good reason to take alcohol together with snus is to counteract the adverse effects of alcohol such as cognitive impairment and drowsiness.  

Research has shown that nicotine and alcohol interact in such a way that these adverse effects are alleviated when they are taken together.  

Both nicotine and alcohol can be used as recreational drugs since they both are mood-altering and pleasure-inducing, and the combination of the two can actually increase the rewards.

Drinking alcohol and using snus together will first give you a euphoric stimulating burst of energy as the nicotine is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and increases your heart rate.  This in turn will cause the alcohol in your system to be absorbed faster and you will feel the pleasure come on instantly.

If you increase your alcohol intake, the second effect you will feel is the relaxing, sedating effect of the alcohol, without the adverse side effects thanks to the curbing effects of the nicotine.

Snus and Coffee 

Who doesn’t enjoy the delicious taste of a fresh cup of brew with a good snus in the morning? 

If you’re not already into snus and coffee, give it a try! 

Coffee resembles a good snus.  It can be bold, dark, and rich tasting, or it can be mellow and have a light and smooth flavor.  Just like snus!

Similarly, the effects of caffeine and nicotine are alike, and taking both together can also result in a strong energy boost.   Both combinations increase the pleasurable effects of the other, similarly to snus and alcohol, but in a different way.

Coffee can make you feel more alert and ready to tackle your day, just like snus would, and it can also have a mellowing effect and help you relax,  with a good cup of warm, smooth deliciousness at the end of your day or when you just need a break.

Choose your coffee and your snus depending on the effect you are looking for.  One thing is for sure, if you love coffee and you love snus, you will love the taste combination of these two nutty, earthy, and bold goodies nature has created.  

Other Drinks that Pair Well with Snus

If you are not a beer or coffee drinker, or you’re just interested in pairing a soft drink  with your snus, then you’ll be happy to hear that snus tastes equally great with all kinds of non-alcoholic beverages.  Here are some examples of drinks you may like to try with your snus.  Again, it’s really a matter of taste.

  • Energy drinks: These usually have a sweet fruity flavor.  The sweetness is upfront in the flavor profile of these popular beverages.  Typically artificially flavored and taste like a mix of berries or other sweet-tart fruits like pineapple and lime.  The caffeine in these drinks is normally higher than what you’ll get from a regular coffee and will give you that extra buzz you’re looking for.
  • Soft Drinks: Cola and other ginger, lemon, or lime flavored drinks that also have caffeine or are caffeine-free.
  • Virgin cocktails: Any cocktails with a lime, tropical fruit, coconut, pineapple or other fruity base can be made without alcohol and can also pair up great with snus.

So there you have it.  Whether you enjoy coffee, beer or any other alcoholic beverage, or just want something sweet and soft, try it with snus and take your pleasure to another level.  Feel the tantalizing tingle in your taste buds and let the dopamine flood your brain , and just have a good time! 

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