Why the upper lip is the best place for your Nicotine Pouch

If you’ve read practically any of our product descriptions about portion snus or nicotine pouches, then you’ve likely come across the term “upper lip” more than once.  

Indeed, where you place your snus can play a very important role in your snus experience and can really affect whether you are getting the most out of your snus and whether you enjoy the experience or not.

This is why we recommend that you find a comfortable position to place your snus portion or nicotine pouch, and especially your loose snus, under your upper lip. 

If you’ve ever tried otherwise, then you can probably write this article yourself and don’t need an explanation, but if you’ve never done so (hopefully, because it’s not a good thing), you need some convincing so that when the thought creeps up, you “shew” it away, and for good reason!

Benefits of placing your pouch under the upper lip

Placing your snus under your upper lip is not just a random decision, it actually affects how effective and even how enjoyable your snus experience will be. 

By placing your snus or nicotine pouch under your upper lip will result in the following:

  • Less drip: Your lower lip is an area that can provoke the secretion of saliva by your salivary glands as opposed to your upper lip. Since the salivary glands are not “tickled” when you place the pouch, or even the loose snus, under your upper lip, there  is no excess moisture and therefore no extra juices flowing to the back of the mouth which can cause a sore throat and in some extreme cases, nausea from swallowing too much tobacco/nicotine juice.
  • Comfort and Discretion: Your upper lip has a more distinct groove that can better accommodate your snus portion or nicotine pouch and keep it from sliding around in your mouth and even accidentally swallowing it. This deeper indentation in your upper jaw will also keep your snus pouch from bulging especially with a large portion.
  • Optimized nicotine release:  Since your portion will be placed in an area that does not provoke the production of saliva, the pouch will get just enough moisture from the ingredients inside it ( if it’s moisturized) or from the moisture in your mouth (if it’s a dry pouch) to release the nicotine and flavor at an optimal pace extending the nicotine kicks and the flavor beyond the half hour mark, all the while allowing you to go about your day without a bother.  Maximum nicotine effect and a flavor that lasts.

Why are other forms of smokeless tobacco placed under the lower lip?

Let’s start by understanding that snus is not the same as chewing tobacco or American dipping tobacco, typically called snuff.

These two forms of American smokeless tobacco are also placed in the mouth, just like snus.  However, unlike snus and snuff (essentially the American term for snus) which is finely cut or ground to a powder, chewing tobacco consists of a mix of loose tobacco leaves.  This stuff is either held in place or chewed and the juice that is created from the mix of saliva and tobacco can either be spit out or swallowed.  

Either way, it is customary to place the dip under the lower lip resulting in the tobacco moving around and far more juices being created.  Snus rarely causes the same “side effects” as dipping tobacco, like nausea and hiccups, since there is far less swallowing going on with snus.  

As opposed to dip, other than placing the snus portion in your mouth, there is nothing else to “do” with snus.  Once it’s there, you can just forget about it and just enjoy its effects. 

Why you should alternate where you place your nicotine pouch/snus

Despite placing your snus portion under your upper lip for optimal effect and enjoyment and the least hassle, there is something else about where you chose to place your portion that you should consider:

  • Gum irritation
  • Sore mouth

Dry portions: If you prefer dry portions because of the slow and efficient release of flavor and nicotine, you should always alternate where under your upper lip you place your portion so as to avoid chafing from the dry fibers in the pouch.

Moisturized portions: Moisturized portions hold more moisture inside of them, either moisturized tobacco or a higher moisture content in nicotine pouches. The nicotine and flavor are released quickly with these portions and can cause a sore from the overexposure to the burning sensation of nicotine in the same place. 

Alternating where you place your portion every time, for example, on the left side or on the right side, further back or more towards the front of your mouth, will help you avoid these discomforts and make your experience an enjoyable one from start to finish.

Our advice at Snusline is to always place your nicotine pouch or snus under your upper lip so as to maximize protection to your gums and throat.  If you’ve experienced these types of issues, then finding a product that is suitable for you and your needs is even more important.  

Snusline offers a wide array of nicotine pouches and snus alike, in a wide range of flavors and strengths, so you can be sure to ultimately find the ones you’ll love from our collection of snus/nicotine pouches brands and products.

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