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Bull Dog

Discover the All White Brand with Tobacco. The unique experience by GN Tobacco

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GN Tobacco is a Snus producer and also a Nicotine Pouches. They exist since 2009.

You can find all the type of snus portions and also loose. The main brands made by GN Tobacco are Siberia, Odens in the snus part and White Fox in the Tobacco Free products.

Siberia is the most famous with the Extremely Strong Siberia Red (43mg/g very high nicotine strength).


The All-White Tobacco

When you look for All-White products, it is likely that you will get a very long list of Nicotine Pouches products. In fact, it calls All-White because those products are Tobacco Free, the color of the powder inside the sachets are White.

Most of Snus with Tobacco, even White portions, are not really white but are colored with different levels of brown.

GN Tobacco create the Bull Dog brand with 2 products All-White with Tobacco.

With these products you can experiment the new experience. A unique model White with Tobacco.


The Bull Dog Canvas Cold Extreme

The Bull Dog Pink come a fresh minty taste and high kick with it’s 22mg/g of nicotine. You will experience the freeze feeling a boost in the same time.


The Bull Dog Canvas Extreme

The Bull Dog Red is having a different flavor with his Acid Bergamot taste and also a high level of nicotine like its pink brother.