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Lyft Nicotine Pouches

As a high quality nicotine pouch, this product contains nicotine in its purest form and only the highest quality food-grade ingredients. It is an all white product whose pouch is made from all-natural eucalyptus and pine fibers. 

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British American Tobacco and Lyft History

Epok the Lyft ancestry

In 2014 British American Tobacco (BAT) launched their all white tobacco product named EPOK.

Testing the market with the white tobacco BAT received a quite good reaction from the consumer in the snus market.

In still trying to innovate BAT introduced LYFT to the market, a product that imitates snus but contains no tobacco.

LYFT made with material of plant fibers was created in a replicable manner to EPOK; the size of the pouch, the color and texture of the snus, the taste and effect of it.

LYFT was conceived in such a manner that consumers could not differentiate between the two.

Goodbye Epok and welcome Lyft

At the that time the market growing and evolving had introduced this product to consumer naming in nicotine pouches.

At first BAT was not replacing EPOK to LYFT but with time there was no longer production of the EPOK line.

Seeing how LYFT had become a prominent player within market of nicotine pouches different flavors were presented such as Ruby Berry, Urban Vibe, X-Freeze and more.

The Lyft Nicotine pouches Brand

These nicotine pouches are tobacco-free and contain no tobacco at all.  You can rest assured your teeth will not stain as a result of using this nicotine product.

You can expect a discreet fit with the whole line of these products including Velo Freeze and Velo Ice Cool as their portion formats are all slim. 

Velo nicotine pouches are highly comfortable due to their soft natural fibers and are completely indiscernible under the lip

As can be expected from an all-white pouch, the nicotine and flavor release of Velo Nicotine Pouches is gradual and will extend the delicious flavor.

The nicotine in these tobacco-free pouches well beyond what you can expect from an original portion. 


Brands Velo and Lyft Nicotine Pouches

Why is it that we see more of VELO and less of LYFT ? In 2018 British American Tobacco (BAT) introduced to Sweden along with other EU markets the LYFT line of nicotine pouches.

That same year BAT presented this same line to the United States only using a different brand name; VELO.

Quickly noticing that LYFT became a much loved product in Europe and surrounding markets and that VELO was one of the most consumed nicotine pouches in the US.

BAT was inclined to making a global brand for this particular product.

Therefore the whole hype about the change of Lyft to Velo is basically just about a marketing transition from one brand name to another.

However in Sweden only it continues to be sold under Lyft brand name. As per the product per say, you will find the same tastes and strength as you did when it was branded as Lyft.


The Lyft Flavors

With an array of fruity and minty flavors that vary from mellow to icy cold and weak to extra strong nicotine strengths, Velo’s high-quality nicotine pouches assure an optimal nicotine and flavor experience for every pallet and strength preference. 

Minty taste

Velo line has a variation of different minty flavored products :

  • Ice Cool Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches with a mix of mint and peppermint, a cool and sweet sensation.
  • Freeze X-Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches with a menthol taste and mostly characterized by the strength of nicotine intake.
  • Winter Chill X-Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches with a strong mint, commonly called a wintergreen, flavor and many more.
  • Fruity

Fruity flavor

As for the fruity flavors VELO products do not let you down, they offer exceptional yet traditional tastes:

  • Urban Vibe Slim Nicotine Pouches with a mix of sweet berries mimicking the taste of an energy drink.
  • Ruby Berry Slim Nicotine Pouches with a refreshing strawberry taste.
  • Tropic Breeze Slim Nicotine Pouches with a mix of citrus and tropical fruits and many more.