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Experience the revolution in smokeless tobacco with ONE Snus. Offering a diverse range of premium flavors, each portion delivers an intense burst of traditional and innovative tastes, ensuring a satisfying snus experience. Discover ONE Snus today!

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The History of Swedish Match

ONE Snus, a distinguished brand of Swedish Match, stands as a testament to the company’s rich history and innovation in the global snus market. Swedish Match, a titan in the snus industry, started with AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet in 1915 when the Swedish government nationalized tobacco manufacturing and sales to fund the first world war.

This monopoly absorbed 103 snus brands before its dissolution in 1967. The tobacco operations, combined with the match operations from Svenska Tändsticks AB in 1994, led to the creation of Swedish Match as we know it today. With snus products contributing to over 65% of the company’s total market share, Swedish Match is a powerhouse in the snus industry.

The Quality of Swedish Manufacturing Standards

Swedish Match adheres to the stringent Swedish Food Act, ensuring that all their snus products, including the ONE Snus, meet the highest quality standards. With the company’s GOTHIATEK® technology, ONE Snus is produced with strict hygiene practices and only approved food-grade ingredients, promising a safe and satisfactory snus experience.

The Birth of ONE Brand

The ONE brand was launched in 2017, as an addition to the General and Göteborgs Rapé brands. This line included three new snus products: ONE Vit, ONE Svart, and ONE Gul. These snus products, the brainchild of Swedish Match and Alexander Gustafsson, a Swedish professional mixed martial artist, aimed to replicate the robust, full-flavored experience of loose snus in a more convenient portion format.

The Evolution of ONE Brand

ONE Snus was a revelation for those who loved the experience of loose snus but sought the comfort and convenience of a portion. With its innovative web-like material and a blend of 14 different types of tobacco, ONE Snus broke boundaries and set new standards for portion snus.

In 2020, Swedish Match elevated ONE Snus from being an extension to General and Göteborgs Rapé brands to its own standalone brand. The brand’s offerings have since expanded to include flavors such as ONE Blå, ONE Grön, ONE Röd, and the newly introduced ONE Lila and ONE Orange.

The ONE Revolution: Affordability and Superior Quality

In the ever-evolving snus market, ONE Snus carved a niche for itself with its ‘modern premium’ positioning. It provides snus enthusiasts with superior quality snus that doesn’t compromise on price, strength, flavor or nicotine release. ONE Snus, with its unique and premium characteristics, sits comfortably between the value and premium snus offerings of Swedish Match, making it an affordable yet high-quality snus option.

Whether you’re looking to buy General One in the UK or interested in trying the ONE Svart Original, ONE Blå White Portion, or any other offerings from the ONE range, Swedish Match promises a snus experience that stands unparalleled. Dive into the world of ONE Snus, and never look back!