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A Word About Swedish Match  

The ONE brand is manufactured by Swedish Match, one of the largest snus manufacturers worldwide.  

As a means to fund military efforts during the first world war, the Swedish government decided to nationalize all Swedish tobacco manufacturing and sales by creating AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet, a monopoly that would take over 103 snus brands before being dissolved in 1967.  

As Swedish Match describes, “Tobacco operations within Swedish Match commenced in AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet, in the form of a monopoly that was founded in 1915. The origin of the Group’s match operations can be traced back to Svenska Tändsticks AB, which was founded in 1917.

The companies’ history merged in 1992, when tobacco products and lights operations were included in the Procordia Group. In 1994, they were joined into one group under the company name Swedish Match.”

Today, Swedish Match manufactures snus, cigars and lights, namely lighters and matches, with snus representing over 65% of the company’s total market share.


Swedish Manufacturing Standards

Seeing as Swedish Match manufactures its snus in Sweden, it must thereby adhere to the Swedish Food Act. 

As a result, the company must follow strict hygiene practices and must use only ingredients that can be used in food and are approved by this regulatory government body.  

GOTHIATEK®, the technology used and developed by Swedish Match in its snus production facilities is quite impressive and maintains a high quality standard for all its snus brands.


How ONE Brand Was Created

ONE, by Swedish Match, launched in 2017 under the General and Göteborgs Rapé brands and included three new snus products: ONE Vit (White), ONE Svart (Black) and ONE Gul (Yellow). 

The creation of these original ONE snus products came about from a year-long collaboration between Swedish Match and Alexander Gustafsson, a Swedish professional mixed martial artist, with a great taste in snus.

Alexander Gustafsson wanted to create the perfect snus that would satisfy his tastes; a strong and flavorful tobacco-centric snus packed in a full-sized pouch.


Swedish Match had just come up with an idea to create a portion pouch that would do nothing more than hold the pouch contents together, without interfering and hindering the snus experience known to loose snus users.  

Until then, original portion materials allowed the snus flavor and nicotine contents to be released at a rapid pace and offered almost immediate satisfaction; yet compared to loose snus, the experience with snus portions was somewhat hindered by the portion material.


A Team Effort for the best

The symbiosis between Alexander’s tastes and Swedish Match’s new innovative web-like material created the perfect snus portion experience loose-snus-lovers had been longing for since the creation of portion-snus.

Along with new pouch material, a total of 14 different types of tobacco were used to create the ONE products contributing to a powerful taste experience with an immediate flavor and nicotine release that can only be dreamt of by portion users until the creation of ONE. 

The ONE line gets you closer to your snus than any other portion available on the market and provides an exceptional and innovative snus experience, similar to loose snus, yet with the ease and comfort that can only be achieved through the use of a portion pouch.  

ONE is the perfect compromise between loose snus and portion snus; an innovation in mouthfeel and in the speed of delivery of flavor and nicotine. 


The ONE Brand 

Swedish Match originally created ONE as an extension to the General and Göteborgs Rapé family of products. 

In 2020, Swedish Match decided to relaunch the ONE line as its own brand including the following products:

  • ONE Vit (White), ONE Svart (Black) and ONE Gul (Yellow) – inspired by the traditional rich and robust tobacco flavours in General.
  • ONE Blå (Blue), ONE Grön (Green) and ONE Röd (Red) –  inspired by Göteborgs Rapé’s complex flavour profiles, a throwback to Sweden’s forests bursting with tasty berries and aromatic flora. 


Since then Swedish Match has discontinued  ONE Green and ONE Yellow and has created two new blends: ONE Lila inspired by General and ONE Orange inspired by Göteborgs.


The ONE Revolution: Affordability and Superior Quality

In terms of price, the ONE series falls into the ‘modern premium’ category, which is somewhere between Swedish Match’s premium products and value snus products.

Essentially, ONE provides users of snus with superior quality products at affordable prices.  

ONE revolutionized the snus world by allowing snus users to become “ONE” with their snus through the invention of their web-like material and by offering portion snus that does not compromise on low pricing, strength or release of flavor and nicotine; a premium portion snus at the price of a value snus and with all the advantages of a premium loose snus.

Finally enjoy a snus portion with everything a loose snus has to offer and never look back!