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SNATCH is made by CBI (Consumer Brands International), a company committed to servicing its clients with high-quality nicotine pouches, a tobacco-free smokeless alternative to cigarettes.  CBI is based in the Czech republic and has over 25 years of experience in the field of trading and selling tobacco-free products all over the world.  Today, CBI develops and sells as well as distributes nicotine pouches.  CBI is recognized as an industry leader in the nicotine pouches segment through the production of its 2 top-selling nicotine pouch brands: DOPE and SNATCH; quite surprising considering the top nicotine manufactures to date have been based in the US and Sweden, for the most part.  

SNATCH pouches are high in moisture and ensure a quick and potent release of nicotine and flavor.  SNATCH has something for everyone and boasts a variety of delicious flavors.  SNATCH’s 3 delicious flavors, Frozen, Frozen Fruits and Arctic Mint come in Smooth, Moderate Strong, Strong and Crazy Strong, depending on the flavor. 

Each of these icy mint flavors comes in a clean and sleek white can and with a number descriptive of its respective strength.

#6 – Smooth Edition – Recommended for first time users, this one is regular strength and will not send your head spinning.

#10 – Moderate Edition – Recommended for anyone looking to replace a smoking habit or someone already experienced with nicotine use.

#16 – Strong Edition – Made for experienced nicotine users. An excellent smokeless and tobacco-free alternative for heavy smokers who want to kick the habit and remove tobacco completely.  

#30 – Crazy Strong Edition – #30 – Made for very experienced users.  Full effect of extremely strong nicotine kicks. You won’t be disappointed.   

The flavors developed by CBI for SNATCH are really intense and long lasting.  Made with the finest premium ingredients, SNATCH delivers its delicious flavors and nicotine quickly and efficiently for an experience that lasts up to 45 min.

Packed in a velvety smooth pouch, you can expect ultra comfort every time you put a portion of SNATCH under your lip.  The fabulous flavors will heighten your nicotine experience to another level, all the while resting unnoticeably under your under lip in a discrete slim small sized pouch.  SNATCH is one of two products produced by CBI.  Both brands are the application of the latest developments in nicotine pouches.  As a result, CBI has developed a smaller, more discrete nicotine pouch that will not stain your teeth like tobacco will but will give you the full effect of a tobacco-free snus in mouth watering flavors.  

SNATCH has also recently developed two additional minty fresh flavors: Chilli Mint and Citrus.  These flavors come in an elegant black can and are part of the strong edition; just another way CBI is in touch with your taste.  Try SNATCH today in whatever flavors speak to you in the strength that is custom made, just for you and feel the buzz.