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Swave, a new all-white nicotine pouch by Swedish Match!  Comes in different formats, flavors and strengths.  Completely tobacco-free to keep your smile bright and white.

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Swave, an all white nicotine pouch by Swedish Match is produced by Gotlandssnuss in their Roma factory in Gotland. Swave comes in different formats, flavors and strengths.  This all white snus is completely tobacco free and will keep your smile bright and white.   Swedish Match has a commitment to quality and only distributes top quality snus worldwide. Their snus is always manufactured with great care in terms of craftsmanship and they attribute their success to the high quality of the raw materials they use in each one of their products, not to mention their concern for the environment and paying attention to use environmentally safe manufacturing processes.  Gotlandssnus have always been great at producing sweet and fruity flavors that have become signature flavors like their cola and melon snus.  Gotlandssnus have taken their expertise in developing these delicious flavors and have applied it to creating all the delicious flavors in the Swave line.  Get Apple, Daiquiri, Cuba Libre and Green Mintini, all strong nicotine pouches with 9mg of nicotine per pouch with each pouch weighing 0.8g for a real effect of 11.25 mg of nicotine.  All Swave pouches are slim and fit comfortably and seamlessly under your lip making them unnoticeable so you can use them anywhere and everywhere at your own discretion. Each Swave pouch has 40% moisture to quickly release the nicotine content and flavor so you don’t have to wait to feel their full effect  Get Swave, now at Snusline!