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VOLT Snus by Swedish Match introduces a revolutionary tobacco-free nicotine experience with their innovative Pearl Technology. Stand out with VOLT’s unique flavors and strengths, designed for those looking to transition from traditional tobacco products. Each pouch promises a discreet, comfortable fit and a gradual release of nicotine, ensuring satisfaction with every use. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user, VOLT Nicotine Pouches has the perfect blend for you. Dive into the world of VOLT and find your ideal nicotine pouch from their extensive, high-quality selection.

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The company behind VOLT Snus, a new brand of nicotine pouches, is Swedish Match. 

As its name may have it, Swedish Match has been around from the beginning of the industrialization of snus and has quite a few years of experience in the production of tobacco products and smokeless tobacco products.  

The company started its journey in 1917.  In an effort to fund defense efforts during the first world war,the Swedish government had instituted a state monopoly and nationalized all Swedish tobacco production and sales in Sweden.

The monopoly took over 103 snus brands and lasted over fifty years before being dissolved in 1967.

Today, Swedish Match is one of the largest manufacturers of snus, cigars and lights, namely lighters and matches. 

Swedish Match’s largest market portfolio is the smokefree market accounting for 65% or more of its sales and greatly contributing to its vision of  “A world without cigarettes”.


Highest Production Standards

Seeing as Swedish Match manufactures its snus in Sweden, it must thereby adhere to the Swedish Food Act. 

As a result, the company must follow strict hygiene practices and must use only ingredients that can be used in food and are approved by this regulatory government body.  

GOTHIATEK®, the technology developed by Swedish Match in its snus production facilities is quite impressive and maintains a high quality standard for all its snus brands.


An Innovation in Smokeless Nicotine

Swedish Match has done it yet again!  You can always count on this company to continue to impress with their new and innovative products.  

VOLT Nicotine Pouches, the new brand by Swedish Match is not just another nicotine pouch, it is THE nicotine pouch. 

Swedish Match has created VOLT to give consumers the option of having everything under one roof, so to speak. 

VOLT has a variety of strengths, from light to super strong and an array of original and distinctive flavors,  all under one high-quality brand.

Swedish Match has taken their expertise in the fabrication of smokeless products and applied all their know-how to VOLT. 

The result is a super comfortable, super tasty, tobacco-free pod filled with only the best ingredients and a highly pleasurable nicotine experience.


Pearls Technology

Swedish Match’s innovative “pearl technology” has allowed them to create these new moisture-filled nicopods. 

Some VOLT nicopods are filled with mini beads referred to as pearls.  These white pearly beads have made quite an impression and what is in them is even more impressive.  

The moisture resides inside the pearl while the nicotine and flavor-fillers make-up the surface of the pearl.  

This new technology allows the nicotine and flavor to be released immediately, while the moisture contributes to an optimized experience and a fresh look.



VOLT Nicotine Pouches is an all-white slim nicotine pouch which means it’ll keep your teeth from staining since all the ingredients, both in the pouch and the pouch itself are white.  

VOLT Snus is completely tobacco-free and boasts a pure form of pharmaceutical grade nicotine in a slim and sleek, soft and silky discreet pouch.


VOLT Snus – What’s So Special?

  • Highly attractive and visually satisfying cans
  • Variety of Strengths depicted in number form on each can so you know what to expect
  • “SLIMMER. SOFTER. FASTER. “ – the description on a can of VOLT – immediate release of flavor and nicotine, slim and sleek, soft and silky pouch for optimal comfort and discretion.