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WOW! Snus is another high-quality snus produced by GN Tobacco. 

GN Tobacco is known for meeting the needs of their customers and being on the lookout for upcoming trends in the snus industry and jumping in to offer new innovative products. 

GN Tobacco seems to recreate what has already been created and manages to come up with new and appealing products time after time. 

GN’s experience in the industry has a lot to do with their expertise and their ability to develop the best snus for every budget, flavor preference and palate.

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As a Swedish producer of snus and nicotine pouches, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest standards in the industry with GN Tobacco.

GN is the maker of some of the best-selling snus in the market today: Siberia, Oden’s, Bull dog and more.


What’s Unique about WOW!

It’s really amazing that GN tobacco has managed to produce yet another best-selling snus with this new brand. 

What makes WOW! so unique and appealing and has enticed many to make the switch from other products or add WOW! to their daily rotation?

Well, for beginners, WOW! has something for everyone and will satisfy every pallet with 3 distinctive tastes:  

  • Mint – Taste the minty freshness of a cold winter breeze in WOW! Wintermint
  • Salty – If you’re a fan of salmiak licorice, then you’ll love WOW! Salty Stuff.  A well-balanced, salty-licorice flavored snus  
  • Sweet – This one is quite unique and has a flowery and citrusy honey taste, somewhat like a herbal cough drop with a soothing and smooth honey taste in WOW! Sunny Honey.

All three flavor varieties are white portions made from high-quality hand selected tobacco leaves ground to perfection for a smooth and rich tobacco taste.  

GN Tobacco could not have come up with a better name for this snus.  We bet you’ll think the same and say WOW! as soon as you put this snus in your mouth for the first time.  

Enjoy a long lasting and flavorful snus experience with WOW! white portions.

The Sweetness of Honey

The only flavor variety to come in 3 different strengths is the honey flavored portion:

  • WOW! Sunny Honey – the white portion – A regular strength snus 8.5 mg/g
  • WOW! Summer Honey Explosion White Portion – the white portion – 43 mg/g
  • WOW! Summer Honey Explosion White Dry – the white dry portion – 43 mg/g

WOW! Snus portions are only available in one size:  the regular-sized large portion. 


What You Can Expect from WOW! White Portions

  • Even and long-lasting release of nicotine and flavor 
  • 50% moisture in every portion so you feel the nicotine kick as soon as the portion gets wet  

All WOW! Portions with the exception of the white dry portion have 50% moisture levels. 

The white dry portion has no moisture at all as neither the tobacco in the portion nor the portion pouch itself is moisturized.  This makes for a slower paced, less intense, no drip snus experience.

WOW! Really Has Something for Everyone…. 

Whether you prefer regular strength snus or an explosion of strength and flavor; whether you like salty or sweet or minty fresh flavors, you can be sure you’ll find something that suits you from the WOW! Snus line made by GN Tobacco.