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Original Swedish Snus has been in existence since the 16th century as a loose powder that would be formed by hand into a “prilla” and then placed under the lip to enjoy the pure tobacco flavor and other traditional Swedish snus flavors such as bergamot, swedish flora and elements from Sweden’s lush forests, before the industrialization and the modern age of snus, where the loose snus would hence be packed into a portion, the most common and practical form of snus we know today.  If you’re looking for an authentic Swedish snus experience, try any of the delicious traditional loose snus we offer.

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  • general loose

    General Classic Loose Snus

    4.69 € per can
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  • General Extra Strong Loose

    General Extra Strong Loose

    4.79 € per can
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  • grov loose snus

    GROV Loose Snus

    4.89 € per can
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  • knox loose snus

    Knox Loose Snus

    4.59 € per can
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  • granit loose

    Granit Original Loose Snus

    3.99 € per can
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  • goteborgs prima fint loose

    Göteborgs Prima Fint Loose Snus

    5.39 € per can
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  • kronan loose

    Kronan Original Loose Snus

    4.19 € per can
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Loose snus is a form of smokeless tobacco that is commonly used in Scandinavian countries and is gaining popularity in other regions. It is made from ground tobacco, salt, and water, and is sold in a loose, granular form. Loose snus is typically placed under the upper lip using a tool called a “prilla,” which helps to form a small, discreet pouch.

Appearance and Texture

Loose snus is a fine, moist, and granular tobacco that is darker in color than other types of snus. The texture of the snus can vary from brand to brand, but it is generally more loose and finely ground than portion snus, which is pre-packaged in small, pre-formed pouches.

Flavor and Strength

Loose snus is available in a variety of flavors and strengths, ranging from mild and sweet to strong and robust. The most popular flavors include traditional tobacco, mint, and fruit flavors. The strength of the snus is typically indicated by its nicotine content, which can range from low to high.

Use and Application

Using loose snus involves placing a small amount of the tobacco under the upper lip, typically on the side of the mouth. This is done using a tool called a “prilla,” which helps to form a small, discreet pouch. Users typically keep the snus in place for several hours before removing it and disposing of it. Unlike other forms of tobacco, such as cigarettes, snus is not burned, so it doesn’t produce smoke or ash.