77 Black Currant


Want juicy, fruity and sweet delicious flavors without vaping?  Then this nicotine pouch is for you!  Use anywhere, anytime, and get super strong nicotine kicks while enjoying the tart berry taste of black currant in an all-white, hassle-free nicotine pouch.

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20 Pouches
20 mg/g Nicotine
0.7 g Weight/Pouch
5.19 € per can
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77 Black Currant Details


Brand : 77
Nicotine content : 20 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : black currant
Strength : Extra strong


77 Black Currant Description

77 Black Currant is a refreshing nicotine pouch with an earthy and strong tart taste known to black currant.   And like authentic black currant, this nicotine pouch also has a sweetness to it that ressembles grape with hints of sour cherry.  A quite complexe flavor profile, the flavor of black currant is no easy feat to immitate and get right.  However, 77 nicotine pouches have done it again, just like with all their other flavors.  They’ve succeeded at creating a deliciously authentic flavored pouch that you can carry everywhere and take whenever you feel like like it; for the taste and for the strength.  77 Black Currant Nicotine Pouches boast an extra strong almost unbelievable nicotine strength; and the can is pretty cool looking too!  77 Nicotine Pouches are a convenient, no hassle alternative to vaping and Snusline has them all: Cola & Vanilla, Fresh Mint, Peach & Mint, Forest Fruits, Raspberry, Black Currant and Strawberry. Get all the delicious flavors and enjoy them anytime, anywhere, without giving it a second thought.



Water, aroma, cellulose, PH-adjustment, humectant, nicotine, preservative.