Al Capone Mint Dry Mini

Al Capone Mint Dry Mini is a mini snus portion with 6mg/portion of nicotine and a mild and fresh peppermint taste.

20 pouches
20 mg/g
0.3 g
5.79 5.79 € per can (you save 0 €)


Al Capone Mint Dry Mini is a tasty mini portion of snus perfect for those who prefer a smaller and drier Swedish snus, without a runny feeling. Al Capone’s mint flavor has a lightly sweet and mild peppermint taste. The tobacco in Al capone Mint feels very dry under the lip at first. Once moistened, the small portions release a deliciously mild minty fresh taste. As far as strength goes, you’ll get a nice solid kick with Al Capone’s 20mg/g. However, being as the portions are much smaller than a regular size portion and only weigh 0.3 g, the nicotine strength in each portion is about 6mg, placing it at the lower range of a regular strength snus. If you are a fan, of dry snus in a mini portion, you’ll really enjoy Al capone Mint Mini Dry.  Get it today on our website and enjoy the best  snus online !