Catch Spearmint Mini White Portion Snus

Catch Spearmint Mini White with a sweet spearmint taste/Mellow tobacco and regular strength nicotine in a small moist portion.

Best before date 18/05/2022 – very well preserved

20 pouches
8 mg/g
0.5 g
2.69 2.69 € per can (you save 0 €)


Catch Spearmint Mini White Portion Snus, manufactured by Swedish match, has a clear and fresh spearmint flavor. Feel the fresh sweetness as you place it under your lip and experience one of the most delicious tasting mint snus out there. Catch Spearmint mini is a regular strength snus as far as nicotine goes. Although its strength is 8mg/g, the mini portion weight of 0.5g breaks the strength down to 4 mg/g. The tobacco in Catch Spearmint is moisturized during the manufacturing process. However, the white mini portion pouch allows a slower, more effective release of the moisturized tobacco and flavor blend. You can expect a pretty long lasting snus experience with Catch Spearmint White. Its mini portions feel comfortable under the lip and are half the size of a regular portion. If you enjoy mint flavor snus and require a smaller than regular portion size for your Swedish snus, Catch Spearmint Mini White is a must try!  Get it today on our website and enjoy the best prices for snus online, delivery to the UK and many countries in Europe!