Catch White Licorice

Catch White Licorice with a licorice taste/ Mellow tobacco and regular strength nicotine in a white portion.

24 pouches
8 mg/g
0.9 g
5.79 5.79 € per can (you save 0 €)


Catch White Licorice, manufactured by Swedish Match, has a mild tobacco presence and a salty black licorice flavor distinctive to salmiak, a Nordic licorice treat. Catch Licorice has a balanced sweet and salty taste with a touch of herbal bitterness you can expect from a licorice flavored snus. Catch White Licorice is a regular sized portion. The portion material used for Catch White portion snus is soft and fleece-like, like the material used in many of Swedish Match’s products and feels nice and comfortable under the lip. The flavor and nicotine release is slow and gradual and is extended due to the white portion material. The tobacco in Catch White Licorice does not undergo a final moisturizing step in its manufacturing process resulting in a dryer, less runny snus. If you enjoy the salty, sweet taste of licorice and herbal undertones, try Catch Licorice white portions and benefit from a regular sized portion with a slow and effective flavor and nicotine release. Best before date 24/05/2022 – very well preserved