DOPE Freeze Crazy Strong – Cold and fresh mint and eucalyptus taste. Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches that’ll send your head spinning.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.


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Dope Freeze Crazy Strong Details

Brand : Dope
Nicotine content : 30 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches
Portion size : Slim All White
Flavor : Mint
Strength : Extra Strong


Dope Freeze Crazy Strong Description

Introducing DOPE Nicotine Pouches

1.1 DOPE Freeze Crazy Strong: A Cool New Sensation

Experience the ice-cold refreshment of DOPE Freeze Crazy Strong, one of the latest and most exhilarating nicotine pouches available. Manufactured by CBI in the Czech Republic, this unique blend of invigorating mint and eucalyptus flavors offers a small explosion of flavor when you lightly squeeze the pouch in your mouth. If you’re a fan of mint and crave the buzz from nicotine or cigarettes, DOPE Frost Intense Power is the perfect choice for you.

1.2 DOPE Freeze: The Ultimate Combination of Strength and Style

Discover the intense strength of DOPE Freeze, a super soft, sleek white pouch containing only all-white ingredients to maintain your teeth’s whiteness and keep your smile bright. Completely tobacco-free and packed with flavor, DOPE Freeze is so strong it’ll send your head spinning. Make it yours today!

DOPE Freeze Crazy Strong: Not for the Faint-Hearted

2.1 Unmatched Strength: 30 mg/g Nicotine Buzz

DOPE Freeze Crazy Strong is designed for experienced users seeking a powerful, cooling hit of icy mint and fresh eucalyptus, accompanied by an intense 30 mg/g nicotine buzz. Within moments of placing a pouch under your lip, you’ll feel a freezing sensation from the potent mint and eucalyptus combination, amplifying the nicotine effect.

2.2 Slim, Lightweight, and Discreet

These nicotine pouches are slim and lightweight, making them easy to conceal under your lip and use discreetly. The soft, high-quality materials ensure a comfortable experience without causing gum irritation.

Tobacco-Free and All-White

3.1 All-White Ingredients: No Stains or Bad Breath

DOPE Chill Extreme Potency are 100% tobacco-free, which means they are all-white and won’t stain your teeth or cause bad breath. Enjoy a fresh and clean experience every time you use DOPE pouches.

Quality Smokeless Products from the Czech Republic

4.1 Consumer Brands International: Over 25 Years of Experience

DOPE is manufactured in the Czech Republic by Consumer Brands International (CBI), a company with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. CBI is also responsible for SNATCH, an all-white brand gaining popularity across the EU. As a testament to CBI’s expertise, DOPE nicotine pouches prove that top-quality smokeless products aren’t exclusive to Scandinavia.

Legality in the UK

5.1 Nicotine Pouches: Legal in the United Kingdom

Nicotine pouches, including DOPE Freeze Crazy Strong and other DOPE products, are legal in the UK, providing users with a convenient and discreet alternative to traditional tobacco products.


Cellulose, Water, Glycerol, Flavor, Nicotine, Potassium Sorbate, ammonium glycine hizinate, baking soda, birch sugar, menthol, peppermint oil (natural), methyl salicylate, sucralose, pine extract, L-menthon, eucalyptol.