DOPE Lime Smatch Crazy Strong – a delightful citrus explosion with its delicious combination of lime peel and lemon. Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches that’ll send your head spinning.  Not Recommended for Beginners.

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22 Pouches
30 mg/g Nicotine
0.7 g Weight/Pouch
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Dope Lime Smash Crazy Strong Details

Brand : Dope
Nicotine content : 28.5 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches
Portion size : Slim All White
Flavor : Lime
Strength : Extra Strong


Dope Lime Smach Crazy Strong Description

Discover DOPE Lime Smash Crazy Strong

1.1 DOPE Lime Smash: A Citrus Sensation with Unmatched Strength

Experience the invigorating taste of DOPE Lime Smash Crazy Strong, one of the newest and most exhilarating nicotine pouches available. Created by CBI in the Czech Republic, this bold flavor combination of sour lime, sweet lemon, and tangy lime peel delivers a small explosion of citrus as soon as you lightly squeeze the pouch in your mouth. If you’re a fan of citrus flavors and crave a powerful nicotine buzz, DOPE Lime Smash Crazy Strong is the perfect choice for you.

1.2 All-White Ingredients: Sleek Design and Tobacco-Free

Enjoy a perfect fit every time with super soft, sleek white pouches made from all-white ingredients to keep your teeth looking white and your smile bright. Completely tobacco-free and packed with flavor, DOPE Lime Smash Crazy Strong is a potent experience that will leave your head spinning.

Ideal for Experienced Users

2.1 High Nicotine Content: 28.5 mg/g (20 mg/pouch)

DOPE Lime Smash Crazy Strong offers a delightful citrus explosion with its delicious combination of lime peel and lemon. With a high nicotine content of 28.5 mg/g (20 mg/pouch), this product is best suited for experienced users only.

2.2 Discreet and Comfortable: Slim, Compact, and Lightweight

The Dope Lime nicotine pouches are designed for discreet use, featuring a slim, compact, and lightweight design. The soft, smooth material ensures comfort and prevents gum irritation, while the 100% tobacco-free formula eliminates concerns about stained teeth or bad breath.

DOPE’s 100% Rush Guarantee

DOPE Citrus flavor is known for its 100% rush guarantee, made possible by high moisture content and optimal pH levels in the pouches. This combination ensures a near-immediate buzz upon use, rather than a gradual build.

Enhancing Your Nicotine Pouch Experience

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5.2 Measures for a Smooth Online Shopping Experience

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Cellulose, Water, Glycerol, Flavor, Nicotine, Potassium Sorbate, ammonium glycine hizinate, baking soda, birch sugar, menthol, peppermint oil (natural), methyl salicylate, sucralose, pine extract, L-menthon, eucalyptol