DOPE Lime Smatch Strong – Sweet and tangy lime taste. Tobacco -Free Nicotine Pouches that’ll give you a powerful nicotine kick.


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22 Pouches
16 mg/g Nicotine
0.7 g Weight/Pouch
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DOPE Lime Smash Strong Edition is the weaker version of DOPE Lime Smash Crazy strong although weak is not a word we would use to describe these powerful nicotine pouches.  DOPE, made by CBI, is a newcomer to the scene of nicotine pouches and offers you one of the best strong range nicotine pouches on the market today.  You’ll wanna grab DOPE just by looking at their really cool looking cans. And if the attractive can doesn’t get you, the flavor sure will.  Just imagine what Lime Smash tastes like.  Prepare for a party in your taste buds! This nicotine pouch is smashing with juicy lime flavor; sweet and tangy for the perfect taste in your mouth and a kicking nicotine buzz you can’t ignore.  Get ready for a small explosion of citrus as soon as you lightly squeeze the pouch in your mouth.  DOPE nicotine pouches are slim and have a nice discreet fit in your mouth.  Get the perfect fit every time, with only all-white ingredients to keep your teeth looking white and your smile bright.  Completely tobacco-free , loaded with flavor and so strong it’ll send your head spinning.  DOPE Lime Smash, make it yours today!