Ettan Original White Portion Swedish Snus

Ettan Original Strong White Portion Swedish Snus

Best before date 20/09/2022 – very well preserved

8 mg/g
0.85 g
6.49 6.49 € per can (you save 0 €)


Ettan White Portion Snus has its origins in 1811 and is an important part of snus history. At the time of its inception, Ettan revolutionized the manufacturing process of snus, as a result of a new process of pasteurization, that allowed the snus to be ready in a week; as opposed to the long fermentation process that had been in practice until then. Ettan is truly one of the oldest snus on the market. The brand has withstood years of new competition and still holds strong as one of the most popular loose snus on the market. Ettan White Portion is a regular strength snus packed in a white material-like portion pouch that renders the release of flavor and nicotine to come on at a gradual and slower pace that its Original Portion. The flavor of Ettan white portion is also more balanced than the original portion. Just like Ettan original, it has a smoky and robust tobacco taste with tones of malt but the dark chocolate presence is much more subtle than in the original portion. The white portion is soft and sits comfortably under the lip, yielding an effective flavor release that will last quite a long time. Be part of snus tradition and enjoy some of the oldest snus around today with Ettan White Portion snus.