Ettan Original White Portion Swedish Snus


Experience Ettan White Portion – a classic Swedish snus featuring a rich, unadulterated tobacco flavor complemented by subtle smoky undertones. This smoke-free, spit-free product comes in white pouches for a discreet and longer-lasting snus experience. Try the timeless taste of Ettan today!

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Ettan White Portion Swedish Snus Details

Brand : Ettan
Nicotine content : 8 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Large
Flavor : smoky and robust tobacco
Strength : Regular


Ettan White Portion Description

Rooted in history, Ettan White Portion Snus boasts a rich legacy that dates back to 1811. At the time of its introduction, it represented a key turning point in the snus industry. This was largely due to the adoption of a new pasteurization method, revolutionizing the way snus was produced. Instead of relying on a drawn-out fermentation process, this groundbreaking technique enabled snus to be ready in just a week, dramatically accelerating the preparation time.

The Popularity of Ettan in the Snus Market

Over the years, Ettan Snus Brand has held steadfast in the face of emerging competition, continuing to be a highly favored brand in the snus market. One of its renowned products offers a regular strength snus contained in a unique, white, material-like pouch. This design enables a gradual and slower release of flavor and nicotine, yielding a balanced and prolonged snus experience compared to its Original Portion counterpart.

The Distinct Flavor Profile

Just like its older sibling, Ettan Original, Ettan White Portion serves up the same rich, smoky tobacco flavor, topped off with a touch of malt. What’s different here is the more understated hint of dark chocolate, giving it a unique twist. With a pouch designed for a snug fit under your lip, it guarantees a steady flow of flavor over time. Choosing Ettan White means you’re joining a snus tradition that has been around for ages.

Think of biting into a piece of European dark bitter chocolate, that’s the flavor that you’ll get from this snus, along with whispers of smoke and a clean, fresh tobacco scent. Even though it sticks to the basics of tobacco, salt, and water from the original 1822 Ettan recipe, today’s blend has a little extra oomph. Added touches of smoke, malt, and a dash of dark chocolate take the classic tobacco flavor up a notch without messing with the unique taste that Ettan is known for.

The Evolution of Ettan White Portion

In 2006, Swedish Match introduced Ettan White Portion to the market. The manufacturing process deliberately bypassed the final step, resulting in an untreated white sachet surface. This characteristic results in less runniness, a feature which has been appealing to a specific set of consumers.

Consumer Feedback 

Ettan White Portion sure has a fan club! Its smooth, mellow tobacco taste is a real crowd-pleaser. A lot of folks find it’s the perfect choice for their morning snus hit or when they’re in the mood to shake things up a bit. Even though it’s on the gentler side, people still find it hits the spot. Now, some folks do wish they could get that classic Original Ettan taste in a white portion, but that doesn’t stop them from loving what Ettan White has to offer. Its smooth and soft character really sets it apart, making it a go-to product in the snus world.


water, tobacco (contains nicotine), acidity regulator (E 500), humectant (E1520), salt, aromas including smoke aroma.