General Classic Mini Portion Snus


Discover General Classic Mini, a timeless snus experience crafted in a convenient portion size. Savor the earthy flavors of premium tobacco leaves and exquisite flavorings, perfect for those seeking a traditional, satisfying smokeless tobacco indulgence.

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8 mg/g Nicotine
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General Classic Mini Portion Snus

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Brand : General
Nicotine content : 8 mg/g
Type : Portion
Portion size : Mini
Flavor : spicy tobacco taste with pronounced notes of bergamot
Strength : Normal


General Classic Mini Portion Snus Description

The Rich Heritage of General Swedish Snus

Experience the rich heritage of General Swedish Snus through the General Classic Mini Portion, a discreet and satisfying variant of the famous General Classic Portion. Created in 1849 by master blender Johan A Boman, the secret recipe has endured the test of time, offering an unparalleled snus experience for generations.

Flavor Profile of General Classic Mini Portion

The General Classic Mini Portion features a full-bodied, spicy tobacco character with a touch of bergamot oil and a hint of pepper. Subtle notes of tea, hay, and leather add depth to the luxurious aroma and irresistible flavor of this classic snus, which has remained popular throughout the years.

Nicotine Strength and Discretion

With regular nicotine strength, the General Classic Mini Portion provides a quick and efficient release of nicotine through its moisturized mini portion pouch. The smaller size offers greater discretion and slightly weaker nicotine strength due to the reduced tobacco quantity, while the pleasant saltiness perfectly complements the spicy tobacco taste.

Embracing an Age-Old Tradition

Savor the consistent, earthy flavor of premium tobacco leaves and exquisite seasonings in the discreet General Classic Mini Portion snus. As you enjoy this age-old tradition, you’ll become part of a lasting legacy. From the UK to other parts of the world, General Snus Mini Portion offers a remarkable snus experience that transcends generations.

General Mini White Portion and General Mini Original Portion

For those seeking a traditional flavor experience with utmost discretion, the General Mini White Portion offers a nuanced release of flavor accompanied by a medium-strong nicotine kick (4 mg/portion). These comfortable and white portions have dry surfaces that reduce drip, lengthening their release of both flavor and nicotine. The General Mini Original Portion is also available for those who prefer the original portion snus.

A Smaller Size with the Same Traditional Taste

Fans of General Classic (Original Portion) will enjoy the General Classic Mini Portion. It offers the same traditional Swedish Snus taste in a smaller size. The moist portions release flavor and nicotine content quickly. This provides a more subtle and comfortable experience than normal portions. It’s ideal for modern users seeking discretion.

Exploring the General Snus Range

General Snus is the premier choice for discerning tobacco enthusiasts who appreciate a traditional brand that consistently delivers unique and rich flavors across a diverse range of formats. As one of the most renowned snus brands in the world, General has meticulously crafted an impressive variety of products to cater to every preference and taste.

For those who enjoy the experience of loose snus, General offers a selection of finely ground tobacco that can be hand-formed into a preferred shape and size, providing a customized and authentic snus experience. With its robust flavor profile and traditional preparation method, loose snus embodies the rich history of Swedish snus.

In addition to loose snus, General also presents original portions, pre-packaged and ready to use. These moist pouches release flavor and nicotine quickly, offering a convenient and satisfying snus experience without the need for manual preparation. Original portions are perfect for those seeking a straightforward and mess-free way to enjoy the exceptional taste of General Snus.

For users who prefer a more discreet option, General has developed mini portions, which are smaller and slimmer than regular portions. These mini pouches offer the same high-quality taste and nicotine release as their larger counterparts, while ensuring a more subtle and comfortable fit under the lip.

Lastly, General’s white portion snus provides a dryer alternative to the original portions. With a slower release of flavor and nicotine, white portions offer a longer-lasting and less-drippy snus experience, making them an ideal choice for those who enjoy a more gradual and prolonged tobacco experience.

How Long Does Snus Last and Where to Buy Snus Online

The General Classic Mini is known for its remarkable, long-lasting flavor profile that consistently satisfies snus enthusiasts.

On average, users enjoy the rich, traditional taste of General Classic Mini for 42 to 54 minutes. This extended flavor release ensures a satisfying snus experience. Savor the full-bodied, spicy tobacco character with subtle notes of bergamot and other exquisite undertones.

In today’s digital age, buying snus online is convenient and hassle-free for tobacco connoisseurs worldwide, including the UK. Browse a comprehensive selection of General Snus products online to explore and compare diverse options. Choose from discreet General Classic Mini portions, original moist portions, dryer white portions, or traditional loose snus to suit your taste.

When buying snus online, consider flavor profile, nicotine strength, portion size, and moisture content. Find the perfect General Snus product for your individual needs. Access detailed product information, customer reviews, and prompt delivery to enjoy unparalleled quality and taste at your doorstep, no matter your location.

Proper Storage and Freshness of General Snus

To maintain the freshness and flavor of your General Snus, it’s important to store it correctly. Keep it in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight. By doing so, you can preserve the authentic taste of General Classic Mini and other General Snus products.

Proper storage is crucial for enjoying the full flavor experience whenever you wish. With the right storage conditions, you can relish the exceptional taste and quality of General Snus products whenever the craving arises.

The Legacy of General Snus

The legacy of General Snus spans generations. Its timeless flavor and premium quality are cherished by smokeless tobacco enthusiasts across the globe. By opting for General Snus, you join an age-old tradition. Experience the exceptional quality that has contributed to its popularity among snus users.


Tobacco, water, table salt, aromas, humectant agent (E1520), ph adjuster (E500)

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