General Mackmyra Loose Snus

General Mackmyra Loose snus with distinctive malt whisky along with the dark tobacco flavor

8 mg/g
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General Mackmyra, as its name may have it, is a collaboration between Mackmyra Whisky of Sweden’s “Svensk Ek whisky” and Swedish Match. Just like Islay Whisky Loose Snus, General Mackmyra Loose snus is a regular strength snus with a dark tobacco taste. The whisky flavor in Mackmyra snus, however, is upfront as compared to Islay. General Mackmyra Loose snus has a smoky character and you can notice the underlying presence of oak from the old whisky barrels used to age Mackmyra’s “Svensk Ek whisky”. What distinguishes this luxurious whisky snus from the rest are the undertones of cedar and dried fruits, as well as hints of tar and malt, all contributing to the original essence of General Mackmyra snus’ flavor profile.
The moist loose snus allows you to form your prilla to your personal preference of shape and size. With no portion material in the way, you can expect a powerful and robust release of flavor. Prepare for an authentically luxurious experience with General Mackmyra Original Loose Snus.