General Onyx Guld

General Onyx Guld White Portion Snus with a tarry robust tobacco taste and the sweetness of dried fruit.

13 mg/g
1 g
4.99 4.99 € per can (you save 0 €)


General Onyx Guld Black Portion Snus, by Swedish Match, is a black portion snus that essentially plays the same role as a white portion; it ensures an effective and gradual release of pouch contents and extends the snus experience beyond what can be expected from a moisturized portion pouch. The black portion, however, really represents the smoky woodsy aroma of General Onyx Guld and dark tobacco character of this luxurious snus. The bold aroma is further enhanced by a blend of tar and hints of dried fruits and citrus. General Onyx Guld resembles General Mackmyra in its aroma and full-bodied tobacco flavor, aside from the whisky presence. As far as strength goes, General Onyx Guld Black Portion Snus sits at the medium strong mark. If you enjoy smoky tobacco-centric snus with a medium-strong nicotine content, General Onyx Guld Black Portion Snus is the snus for you!