General Onyx Titan Black Portion

General Onyx Titan-A strong black portion snus with the taste of Swedish flora and a mildly smoky mellow tobacco character.

12 mg/g
1 g
5.99 5.99 € per can (you save 0 €)


General Onyx Titan Black Portion Snus, by Swedish match, is a black portion snus that essentially plays the same role as a white portion; it ensures an effective and gradual release of moisturized tobacco and flavor contents and extends the snus experience beyond what can be expected from an original moisturized portion pouch. General Onyx Titan has a mellow taste of tobacco and a naturally floral aroma.  A mild smokiness can be picked up and balances the flowery taste of this deliciously tasty snus.  As far as strength goes, General Onyx Titan sits at the weaker strong mark with a nicotine content of 12 mg/g, released at a slow, consistent pace, through the black fleece-like material.  In addition to its beautiful can design and unique black portions, General Onyx Titan Black Portion is organized in a star pattern, just like General Onyx’ Silver and Guld varieties, giving General Onyx that extra specialty expected from a higher quality snus.