Göteborgs Rapé Original White Portion Snus


Göteborgs Rapé Original White Portion Snus is a popular Swedish snus with an intricate flavor profile. Combining tobacco, citrus, and fruit notes with subtle hints of lavender, juniper, and oak, this regular-strength snus comes in a white portion format for a refined, longer-lasting, and drip-free experience. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned users, Göteborgs Rapé Original White offers an enjoyable snus adventure.

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8 mg/g Nicotine
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Göteborgs Rapé Original White Portion Details

Brand : Goteborgs
Nicotine Content : 8 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco
Strength : Medium

Göteborgs Rapé Original White Portion Description

The Origins of Göteborgs Rapé Snus

Göteborgs Rapé Original White Portion Snus, a product by Swedish Match, traces its roots to Sweden’s ports. Sailors once crafted their snus using ingredients gathered on their voyages. Göteborgs Rapé evolved from these blends and was selected by a committee at the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly in 1915. “Rapé” signifies grated in French, illustrating how snus was prepared by French high society. With a 8 mg/g strength, Göteborgs Rapé Original White is a higher-end regular strength snus.

Göteborgs Rapé Original White a Unique Flavor Profile

Göteborgs Rapé White is a distinctive Swedish snus that boasts a rich and intricate flavor profile. The initial taste showcases a well-balanced blend of tobacco, citrus, and various fruits, creating a harmonious and delightful sensation. As the experience progresses, the palate is treated to a surprising medley of subtle flavors. These include aromatic notes of lavender, the sharp, slightly sweet taste of juniper, the earthy undertones of oak, and a refreshing, zesty hint of citrus.

The carefully crafted combination of flavors ensures an enjoyable experience for both seasoned snus users and newcomers alike. With a nicotine content of 8 mg/g or 7 mg/pouch, Göteborgs Rapé White is classified as a regular-strength snus. This moderate potency makes it an ideal choice for beginners looking to explore the world of snus while enjoying the complex and evolving taste sensations that Göteborgs Rapé White has to offer.

The White Pouch Format

The white pouches of Göteborgs Rapé White are designed with a low moisture content in mind. This characteristic serves a dual purpose: it facilitates a consistent and gradual release of nicotine while also providing a drip-free flavor experience. Users can appreciate the taste and nicotine delivery without any unwanted excess moisture or mess.

Each pouch weighs 0.9 grams, making them larger than typical snus portions. This size contributes to a satisfying and full sensation when placed under the lip. The ample pouch dimensions not only ensure a comfortable and immersive snus experience but also allow for extensive contact between the snus contents and the user’s gums. This interaction enhances both the flavor and nicotine absorption, allowing users to fully appreciate the intricate and evolving taste profile of Göteborgs Rapé White.

Göteborgs a Classic Brand Evolves

Swedish Match, the renowned manufacturer of Göteborgs Rapé, was a pioneer in the snus industry by being one of the first brands to introduce the white portion format. This innovative approach allowed them to provide a new and improved experience for snus users while maintaining the product’s iconic flavors and aromas.

The white portion format retains the essence of Göteborgs Rapé’s classic taste profile, but with a few noteworthy enhancements. The flavors are delivered in a more subdued manner, allowing users to appreciate the intricate nuances of the tobacco, citrus, fruits, and other subtle notes. As a result, the overall experience is both refined and extended, offering a longer-lasting snus session.

This adaptation showcases Swedish Match’s commitment to evolving their products while preserving the much-loved characteristics that have made Göteborgs Rapé a popular choice among snus enthusiasts. The white portion format exemplifies the brand’s ability to innovate and adapt, ensuring a consistently enjoyable experience for their customers.

Göteborgs Rapé White is a classic Swedish snus featuring a complex flavor profile and unique history.


Water, Tobacco (contains nicotine), salt, humectant (E1520), acidity regulator (E500), aroma including smoke aroma.

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