Göteborgs Rapé West Coast IPA

Göteborgs Rapé West Coast IPA-  NEW!!! A classical Göteborgs Rapé snus with a West Coast IPA twist. Get ready for a taste of tropical paradise in a flavorful a white portion.

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Göteborgs Rapé West Coast IPA is an addition to the classical Göteborgs Rapé line, with an IPA twist.  If you’ve never encountered the term, IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale, and contrary to popular thinking, it does not have its origins in India.  IPA was first introduced in the 1800’s and was brewed for the British Empire in the East as a beer that would survive the journey from Britain to India.  In order to do so, brewers added hops to the beer and much like wine, it underwent an aging process that would surprisingly end up improving its taste. What had essentially started as an experiment in conservation, ended up striking the creation of a whole new pale ale bursting with flavor.  The West Coast IPA, invented in California and the inspiration behind Göteborgs Rapé’s West Coast IPA snus, was inspired by the above mentioned British IPA in combination with American hops.  The result is citrus-packed aroma and punch in fruity flavor with a strong bitterness that is a signature characteristic of West Coast IPAs.  As a flavor for snus, the West Coast IPA taste further enhances the original Göteborgs Rapé and adds a stronger fruity citrus dimension, more specifically grapefruit, to the mild tobacco taste and mix of floral hints, fresh herbs and juniper berries.  Göteborgs Rapé West Coast IPA comes in at regular strength and holds moist tobacco in each large white portion.  The dry surface of the portion, however, helps reduce runniness yet releases the delicious IPA flavor and nicotine punch quite effectively.  Get ready for a taste of tropical paradise and enjoy a blissful summer with the NEW! Göteborgs Rapé West Coast IPA