Granit Original Portion Snus

Granit Original Portion Snus has a pure original taste of tobacco.

10 mg/g
0.9 g
4.89 4.89 € per can (you save 0 €)


Granit Original Portion snus, by Fiedler and Lundgren, is an affordable traditional snus that possesses a clear tobacco character and a classical bergamot taste with a peppery undertone. Granit portions are plump and provide an earthy tobacco flavor and nicotine release almost instantly due to the moisturized tobacco within them. The regular portions sit comfortably and taste great under the lip, thus granting you an enjoyable snus experience. Granit Original is a solid quality snus when compared to other regular strength snus and provides you 8mg of nicotine per portion. One of the perks of Fiedler and Lundgren is their Flexlid; an expandable catch lid where you can store many more portions than other typical catch lids. Overall, it’s no wonder Granit Original Portion snus has become quite a popular choice amongst snusers who want a regular strength, traditional snus with a classic tobacco flavor. Get some today!