Granit Original White Portion Snus


Discover the satisfying flavor of Granit Original White Large Portion, a high-quality snus offering a traditional tobacco taste with bergamot and peppery undertones. Experience long-lasting freshness and discreet enjoyment with this popular Swedish snus.

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9 mg/g Nicotine
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Granit Original White Portion Details

Brand : Granit
Nicotine content : 8 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco, Bergamot
Strength :


Granit Original White Portion Description

Granit Snus, a popular choice among snus users, is known for its powerful flavor profile and long-lasting freshness. Manufactured by Fiedler & Lundgren, a company with a rich history dating back to 1783, Granit’s lineup of snus products has become a staple for many snus enthusiasts.

The Granit Original White Experience

Granit Original White Portion Snus is an affordable traditional snus with a clear tobacco character, classical bergamot taste, and a peppery undertone. This snus delivers a delicious flavor that can be appreciated by anyone, making it a favorite among both new and experienced users.

Granit Portion Design and Benefits

The Granit Original White’s portion material features a dry exterior, providing a slower, more even release of flavor and nicotine. This design offers many advantages, such as minimal dripping and a more discreet experience compared to traditional pouches.

Exploring Other Granit Snus Varieties

Apart from the Granit Original White, the brand also offers options like Granit Strong Portion for those seeking a more potent nicotine experience, as well as Granit Loose for users who prefer the traditional loose snus format. Each Granit product delivers a real tobacco taste, showcasing the brand’s commitment to authentic flavor profiles. With a wide range of snus products, Granit caters to various preferences and needs, solidifying its position among top snus brands and ensuring a satisfying experience for all users.

Purchasing Snus Online

For those interested in purchasing snus, Granit Original and Granit Original White are readily available through our online shop. Snusline offers a wide selection of high-quality snus products and provides easy access for customers in the UK, the USA, and other countries worldwide. By choosing Snusline as your go-to online store, you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing Granit Snus and other top brands from the comfort of your home, ensuring a reliable source for all your snus needs.

Fiedler & Lundgren: The Company Behind Granit Snus

Fiedler & Lundgren, the manufacturer of Granit Snus, has a long and storied history that began with Samuel Fiedler’s ambition to produce hand-baked snus. Today, the company boasts over 95 employees who share Fiedler’s passion, ensuring that their snus products are among the best in the world.

Unique Features of Granit Snus Products

One distinctive feature of Granit Snus is the Flexlid, an expandable catch lid that allows users to store more portions than other typical catch lids. This innovative design, combined with the brand’s commitment to quality and tradition, makes Granit Snus a standout choice for those seeking a satisfying and discreet snus experience.

Storing and Using Snus Properly

Proper storage and usage of snus are crucial to maintaining the product’s quality and freshness. Keep your snus in a cool, dark place, and ensure that the can is tightly sealed when not in use. When using snus, place the portion under your upper lip and enjoy the slow release of flavor and nicotine over time.


Tobacco (Nicotine), Water, humectant (E1520), Salt, Acidity regulator (E500), Salmiak, aromas (smoke flavor)

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