Granit Strong White Portion Snus

Granit Strong White Portion Snus has a pure original taste of tobacco.

Best before date 29/09/2022 – very well preserved

16 mg/g
0.9 g
4.89 4.89 € per can (you save 0 €)


Granit Strong White Portion Snus, by Fiedler and Lundgren, is an affordable traditional snus that possesses a clear tobacco character and a classical bergamot taste with a peppery undertone. There is even a slight salty presence as described behind the can as salmiak. Granit plump strong white portions provide an earthy tobacco flavor and nicotine release at a slow and efficient pace, making each portion last longer than a regular portion. Granit is a solid quality snus when compared to other strong white portions and provides you with 14mg of nicotine per portion. One of the perks of Fiedler and Lundgren is their Flexlid; an expandable catch lid where you can store many more portions than other typical catch lids. Overall, it’s no wonder Granit Strong White Portion snus has become quite a popular choice amongst snusers who want a strong, traditional snus with a classical tobacco flavor and an efficient long-lasting release. Get some today!