Happy Garden CBD OIL 2400mg – 10ml


Happy Garden 24% CBD Oil is a full spectrum refined CBD oil is the second highest potency available from Happy Garden and is considered one of the strongest concentrations on the market. Because of the potency, you won’t have to take half the bottle at once to get the desired effect of the CBD.  Natural earthy taste. Recommended for chronic problem with sleep, pain, and other chronic mental and physical conditions. 

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Happy Garden CBD OIL 24% has a high concentration of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant without the intoxicating effects of THC.  It is extracted using high technological methods and results in a pure form of CBD oil devoid of any contaminants and harmful agents to your health.  All this goodness is combined with MCT oil to boost the effects of the CBD and maximize the health benefits to you.  Happy Garden uses the most advanced technologies to bring you a refined CBD product extracted from organic hemp.  Third party lab testing so you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality for the best therapeutic results. 24% concentration CBD oil gives rapid results over time and  is recommended for people who may suffer from severe chronic pain such as joint pain and migraines, anxiety, sleep issues and other difficult ailments.