Hit Lemongrass Slim Portion All White


This nicotine pouch has a tangy and lightly floral taste. Lemongrass is quite an underrated taste, enjoy the freshness and potency of the nicotine in this pouch.

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HIT Lemongrass Slim Portions Details

Brand : HIT
Nicotine content : 20 mg/g
Type : Nicotine pouches Tobacco Free
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Lemongrass and essentials oil natural
Strength : Extra Strong


HIT Lemongrass Slim description

GN Tobacco produces this line of nicotine pouches. HIT nicotine pouches are manufactured in slim portions to offer subtleness and comfort in every use.

HIT is a tobacco-free snus brand. This line of nicotine pouches has a level of 20mg/g of nicotine content which is above the average.

The Hit Lemongrass Slim “all-white” is made with natural essential oils to give it a genuine flavor and aroma of fresh pure flavor of Lemongrass. The use of these kinds of oils is also practiced in the fabrication of other products such as White Fox Nicotine Pouches.



Water, Salt, Moisture preserving substance, Nicotine, stabilizers (E463), Sweeteners(E950), Flavors