Ice Habanero Sunset Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches

Ice Habanero Sunset Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches Tobacco Free

24 mg/g
0.6 g
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Ice Habanero Sunset Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches are manufactured by Ice, a company that manufactures tobacco-free nicopods only. Ice Habanero Sunset has the floral, tropical, and citrus-like taste of extra hot habanero pepper combined with the sweet flavor of blood orange. Habanero Sunset, with a hint of menthol, comes in with a strong nicotine kick. Nicopods are a great way to quit using tobacco products like cigarettes and other inhaled products, like vaping, keep your lungs clear and still get your nicotine kick with an abundance of great flavors. At Snusline, we offer you six nicopod flavors and strengths: Ice Frost Extra Strong, Ice Habanero Sunset Extra Strong, Ice Permafrost Extra Strong, Ice Glacier Breeze Strong, Ice Mountain Melt Strong and Liquorice Razz Strong. Ice nicotine bags come in a slim, discreet format and are moderately soft for a comfortable fit under your lip. Savor Ice’s mouth watering original flavors and enjoy the mild menthol freshness and taste longevity in every pouch.