Islay Whisky Loose Snus (short expired date)

Islay Whisky Loose Snus well rounded and higher quality chewing tobacco blend with flavors of actual Scottish whisky, made at a handmade procedure.

12 mg/g
4.99 4.99 € per can (you save 0 €)
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Islay Whisky Loose snus is manufactured by GN Tobacco in collaboration with Connie Anderson, master blender. The tobacco leaves used to make this sophisticated whisky snus are picked in South Africa, Pennsylvania and Ghana and are blended with whisky from the island of Islay, Scotland. They are put through a sweating process, and not pasteurized, resulting in a pure tobacco flavor. Islay Whisky snus portions are regular strength and boast a rich and dark tobacco flavor with a hint of smokiness. The whisky aroma can be picked up in the background and contributes to the rich character of this crafted snus. Islay whisky Loose snus has a high moisture level and is easy to shape into a prilla. Islay snus releases the balanced smoky whisky and bold tobacco flavor at a nice pace. The earthy tobacco flavor in this exquisite snus overrides the whisky flavor as compared to Crafted Whisky Portion Snus. If you prefer a bolder snus with a strong tobacco character as opposed to a strong whisky flavor, you’ll prefer Islay Whisky Portion Snus over Crafted Whisky Portion Snus. It’s just a matter of personal preference.