Jakobssons Melon Mini Strong Portion

Jakobssons Melon Mini Strong Portion Snus, with a distinctive aroma and flavor of watermelons.

14 mg/g
6.49 6.49 € per can (you save 0 €)
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Jakobssons Melon White Mini Portion snus melon flavor resembles the mellow sweetness of cantaloupe. Its aroma is refreshing and rejuvenating like a fresh slice of watermelon. Just like a natural and authentic melon taste, it has a vague musky undertone. The complexity of Jakobsson’s Melon Mini Strong Portion Aroma is a tropical, fruity and floral paradise packed in a can! The mini portion is perfect for snusers who want a snus that is not as strong as a strong regular portion and smaller in size for a less prominent mouth feel. The flavor and nicotine effect in Jakobsson’s Melon White Mini Portion seems to come across in a more gentle, balanced way due to the white portion format. The white pouch gently releases the flavorful juiciness of melon at an enjoyable and even pace, granting you the pleasure of long lasting melon deliciousness.