Jakobssons Melon Strong Portion Snus

Jakobssons Melon Strong Portion Snus with aroma and flavor of watermelons and notes of sweet pears and honey.

14 mg/g
1 g
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Jakobssons Melon Strong Portion Snus, with a distinctive aroma and flavor of watermelon and notes of sweet pears and honey.  This Jakobsson’s variety is long awaited and is probably one of the most intriguing snus flavors in the Jakobsson’s line.  Jakobsson’s Melon is classed as an original type portion which is a white portion that goes through an extra step at the end of the manufacturing process that adds a few extra drops of water to each portion before it’s placed in the can. This extra moisture helps the flavors to bind together with the tobacco and give you an immediate burst of flavor when you place it in the lip.  The portion material used in Jakobsson’s Melon is the same soft material that’s used in all their snus flavors and is comfortable in the lip for over 2 hours. Each can of Jakobsson’s Melon has 20 portions with each having 14 mg of Nicotine. The flavor of Jakobsson’s Melon is something we haven’t seen in a snus. While the flavor profile is described by Jakobsson’s as a sweet watermelon, there are other components we taste that make Melon more than just a watermelon flavored snus. What we taste is almost a blend of a few different sweet melons. While there is the watermelon that gives the snus it’s sweetness, we can also taste the flavors of honeydew melon and a back end of cantaloupe. The scent of Jakobsson’s melon almost has the same smell as melon flavored candy but, like we said, the flavor is almost unmistakably a sweet mix of watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe. A truly unique flavor to Swedish snus and one that lasts for quite a long time as well. We had a portions flavor last for about one and a half hours before going bitter. Overall, we feel that snus users, both long time snusers and new ones as well, will like the flavor of Jakobsson’s Melon portion snus.