Jakobssons Cola Strong Slim White Portion


Jakobssons Slim White Cola Strong Portion Snus. Cola sweetness taste with notes of citrus.

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14 mg/g Nicotine
0.7 g Weight/Pouch
4.19 € per can


Jakobssons Slim White Cola Strong Portion Snus has quickly become a favorite for people who love cola flavored snus. The narrower slim portion along with the dryness of the pouch maximize discretion by reducing the flow rate and looking practically indecipherable behind your lip. Thanks to its dry white pouch, Jakobssons Cola Slim portion releases the full flavored cola taste at an enjoyable and even pace, granting you the pleasure of long lasting cola deliciousness. A subtle tangy lemon taste is present in the background and just adds the perfect touch to this already great tasting snus. The Jakobssons Slim White Cola’s portion, although smaller seeming than an original portion, is just as high in nicotine content and is considered a strong snus. If you are looking for a powerful yet flavorful experience and love cola, this is the snus for you!