Jakobssons Wintergreen Strong Snus Portion

Jakobsson´s Wintergreen Strong Portion Snus has a classic wintergreen flavor.

Best before date 17/11/2022 – very well preserved

14 mg/g
3.59 3.59 € per can (you save 0 €)


Jakobssons Wintergreen Strong Portion Snus has a subtle and sophisticated minty flavor. The delicious menthol freshness in each portion is like a mild winter wonderland in your mouth! Jakobssons Wintergreen Strong portion is intended to yield a strong nicotine experience and it certainly does the job with its 14 mg/g of nicotine content. The regular portion is large, yet comfortable, for that perfect fit behind your lip. The portion is moisturized during the manufacturing process so you can feel the strong nicotine kick and enjoy refreshing notes of wintergreen mint flavor in Jakobssons Strong Wintergreen Portion almost immediately.