Kaliber Original Portion


Experience Kaliber Original snus portion, a blend of traditional Swedish snus character with a twist. Enjoy a robust tobacco base enlivened by floral undertones, wild herbs, refreshing citrus, and sweet red berries. Discover a satisfying, medium-strength snus that offers an unmatched, well-rounded flavor journey. Buy online at Snusline.com.

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20 Pouches
8 mg/g Nicotine
0,9 g Weight/Pouch
3.29 € per can


Kaliber Original Details

Brand : Kaliber
Nicotine content : 8 mg/g
Type : Original
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco, Citrus
Strength : Medium


Kaliber Original Portion Description

A Classic Reimagined

Swedish Match introduced Kaliber Original snus back in 2011. Serving as a clear tribute to the enduring tradition of Swedish snus, it manifests a meticulous blend resulting in a well-rounded flavor journey.

Beginning the journey, this regular strength snus lays down a firm and sturdy foundation. It presents a nuanced yet strong tobacco character, which asserts its presence in an unassertive yet delightful way.

Moving forward, as the tobacco essence takes root, floral notes subtly make their grand entrance. They seamlessly complement the tobacco base, imparting a level of elegance and sophistication. Not unlike the soft fragrance of a blossoming spring garden that wafts through the air, these floral notes gently elevate the snus experience to the next level.

Then comes a hint of wild herbs. A touch of the untamed wilderness. These herbal undertones lend an intriguing complexity to the snus.

Next in the sequence is a splash of citrus. A much-needed zing. This tangy infusion awakens the senses, providing a refreshing counterpoint to the earthier flavors.

Finally, a whisper of ripe red berries rounds off the flavor experience. Their sweet undertones provide a harmonious ending to the snus journey. A finale that satisfies, and yet leaves you yearning for more.

An Orchestra of Flavors

As soon as you introduce Kaliber Original snus to your palate, it initiates a harmonious concert of nuanced flavors that evolve with time. Your initial encounter is with a gentle yet distinct tobacco profile, where its earthiness is tinged with the delicate fragrance of blooming floral undertones, evoking an essence of a spring meadow in full bloom. This mild introduction serves as a serene overture to the complex symphony of flavors to come.

Gradually, as the snus continues to release its potent bouquet, the narrative becomes more layered and captivating. The profile expands to reveal a botanical array of wild herbs, each contributing their unique notes to the flavorful ensemble. The hint of wild herbs adds a dash of wilderness, creating a rustic dimension reminiscent of a walk through a vibrant, untouched forest.

And just when you think the experience has peaked, Kaliber Original unravels yet another layer – a refreshing burst of citrus that cuts through the earthy flavors, adding a tangy zest that invigorates the senses. This vibrant citrusy note elevates the overall profile, adding a brightness that balances the intensity of the tobacco and herbs.

Capping off this captivating snus adventure, the subtle yet distinctly sweet notes of red berries finally enter the stage. These sugary undertones serve as the harmonious thread, weaving together the intricate flavor tapestry of rich tobacco and zesty citrus.

In this melody of flavors, the late arrival of the berries is strategic. Offering a surprise twist. Their sweet whisper serves as a soothing counterpoint to the earthier and more vibrant notes experienced earlier.

Each experience with Kaliber Original is a flavor journey, presenting a rich tapestry of evolving notes that come together to create a harmonious melody, leaving a delightful and lingering taste that invites you to return for more.

A Taste Journey that Hits Right

With a nicotine strength of 7.5 mg per portion, Kaliber Original offers a satisfying kick without overwhelming your senses. Each 0.9-gram sachet is designed to release its intricate flavors and nicotine efficiently, ensuring an experience that is both swift and enduring.

The Unparalleled Original Portion Experience

Kaliber Original snus is all about the true snus experience. It opts for an original portion format, which ensures a quick and robust release of both flavor and nicotine. These moistened sachets serve to heighten the overall snus journey, providing you with a gratifying hit that lasts longer.

Reviews That Speak Volumes

Consumer feedback for Kaliber Original continually underscores its balanced, tobacco-focused flavor profile. At the same time, it packs a satisfying, medium-strength nicotine punch. Many users appreciate its stripped-down approach to providing a traditional snus experience.

Moreover, the snus community has often lauded its floral top notes. They bring a touch of the countryside into each portion, offering a delicate floral perfume that tantalizes the senses.

Subsequently, the herbaceous undertones receive a wealth of praise. These notes add a layer of rustic charm to the mix, evoking imagery of untouched wilderness and providing a subtle yet deep complexity to the overall flavor profile.

In addition, the reviews often draw attention to the lively hints of citrus. This citrusy note adds a refreshing twist, cutting through the earthier flavors to lend a zesty kick to each portion.

Finally, mentions of the elusive pomegranate hints show up time and again. These sweet undertones provide a charmingly unique end note, rounding out the flavor profile and adding a layer of unexpected depth to the traditional snus experience.

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About Kaliber Snus

Kaliber Snus, introduced in 2011, has become a beloved choice among snus enthusiasts. Known for its close-to-tobacco taste enriched with bergamot, herbs, and tea, Kaliber has grown in popularity due to its quality and affordability.

Trust in Quality with Kaliber Original

Kaliber Original adheres strictly to Swedish Match’s high-quality standards. It presents a familiar tobacco taste brightened with hints of citrus. With its medium-bodied and floral tobacco flavor accented by wild herbs, citrus, and red berries, Kaliber Snus truly embodies the modern alternative snus – a high-quality, simple, yet uncompromised snus experience.

Take the Leap with Kaliber Original Portion

Experience a traditional snus flavor like no other with Kaliber Original Portion. With its moist portions releasing flavors promptly, Kaliber Original embodies a familiar yet fresh approach to the snus world, a well-balanced product from Swedish Match’s value segment. Opt for Kaliber Original and take the first step into a world of delightful snus experience.


Tobacco (nicotine), water, acidity regulator (E500), salt, humectant (E1520), plant fiber, aroma, plant fibers.